Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

We completed an audit of our environmental Carbon Footprint in 2017. This proved very positive as individuals who are self employed, and we scored far better than Government targets.

Measures in place

These include:

  • Completing the vast majority of journeys using public transport or on foot
  • Purchasing our own electricity and Gas, both personally and “office at home” from Ecotricity
  • Using recyclables or sustainable products as a default
  • Recycling as near as possible to 100% of possible items
  • Confidential paperwork is shredded and used in compost
  • Non recyclable products are avoided

Measures underway

Stuart has to make multiple trips per year to London, Dublin and Germany. We are investigating ways of making more of these journeys without air journeys.

We are reducing our personal consumption of high carbon impact products.

All new equipment and products are being chosen with carbon impact and recycling in mind, from personal white goods, to business computer equipment.

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