Data protection policy and processes

Data Protection information

We keep minimal possible information on our clients and colleagues.

  • Email clients may store contact details and emails until deleted, this is basic corresspondence
  • Initial assessment forms and other assessment forms will be kept in hard copy format in a locked filing cabinet
  • All out of date or non essential data will be deleted (digital) and or shredded (hard copy). we use encryption built into Gmail, encrypted deletion, extra security password protection and a full software suite of firewall and security protection on all computer and smartphone equipment.

Nominated person

Person responsible for data security is Stuart Morgan-Ayrs, Senior Partner

Age verification

Under adult age persons are not normally clients of our company, and then only if data is secured and signed by an adult and guardian.


Initial assessment forms set out how we handle and store data.


The only information held (apart from correspondence with the client) about the client are the assessment forms, already seen by the client. Thus the client has sight of all materials about them naturally. The held material can be retrieved within the 30 day limit.

Scotlandtherapy Partners are ISO registered. Initial assessment and agreement forms updated in line with revised standards 03.10.2017

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