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This website contains what we hope are informative and useful pages of information on different types of therapy, different conditions those therapies can help with, and the ways certain conditions may present.

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  • For Psychoanalysis, psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural, systems, linguistic, hypno-analysis and mindfulness based: click HERE
  • For Mindfulness, MBCT, MBSR, Mindfulness tuition, mindful analysis and other variations: Click HERE
  • For Humanistic Psychotherapy and counselling, Click HERE
  • For Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and variations of CBT: Click HERE
  • For Counselling, click HERE
  • For Hypnotherapy, including cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, Ericksonian and Hypno-analysis, click HERE
  • For Seated Massage and Acupressure, Click HERE

  • For all other issues, conditions and styles, please explore the menu options at the top of each page!

Who are the therapists?

Stuart is the full time practitioner, seeing clients in Edinburgh and Falkirk. Denise is part time and in support (restricted availability by disability). Both therapists are fully insured, qualified and professionally registered and are listed on two Professional Standards Authority Accredited Registers. PSA ARs are for healthcare practitioners not subject to statutory regulation. Denise primarily has a support role due to personal health issues.

Each therapist has a different skills blend of therapies and background. Both however are accredited psychotherapists and both have also worked in mental health support roles.

Our ethos in regard to style and medical labels, click HERE

How to use this site

Please take your time to read through the sections that you feel may apply to you.  You do not have to choose a therapy or a label, the information is there as a resource only. If you decide that maybe we can help you, drop us an email and ask any questions you may have. We will send you a free no obligation set of information files covering pretty much every question you are likely to have generally. You can ask any personal or specific questions in advance by email in confidence and without charge. We do not however discuss matters over the phone, only by email.

If you decide to proceed, you can then book in by email.

Please note: WE DO NOT DO “QUICK FIX” work. We only engage in clinically appropriate therapy provision based around NICE / Research evidence based protocols.  If you request a therapy method that is not clinically appropriate and this is identified at the assessment, we will suggest a suitable alternative and give you a “cooling off” period to consider your options.

How to book in
  1. Have a look through this website
  2. Email for our free no obligation information files
  3. If you wish to proceed email to book in
  4. Attend an assessment session where a case history will be taken and treatment options discussed.
  5. If you wish to continue with treatment, and if the assessment indicates the practitioner is right for you, you can continue in therapy with that practitioner.

To go ahead and ask for an information pack, EMAIL HERE

Not within reach of our bases in Edinburgh, Falkirk, Glasgow or Dublin?
We also offer skype sessions and these can be supported by our Stress Management Work Book available from Amazon in kindle or hard copy  HERE

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