Hypno-analysis or Analytic Hypnotherapy in Edinburgh

Hypno-analysis is the use of psychoanalysis employing hypnosis as a tool.  This can be because of the initial training style of the therapist, Freud for example developed his free association analysis out of his experiences of trying to use hypnosis (he was notoriously not a good hypnotherapist).  Other therapists use hypno-analysis as the form of psychoanalysis of choice because of it’s advantages.

Analytic Hypnotherapy

How does hypno-analysis work?

Hypno-analysis is very simply the use of psychoanalysis techniques in an altered state. It is also known as analytic hypnotherapy or analytic hypnosis.

  • In conversation, using conversational hypnosis, the analyst can guide and encourage using hypnotic suggestion within the narrative of the session.
  • In a very light altered state, e.g. relaxing and comfortable, the client may experience less distraction and be more “present” and “mindful”
  • In a mild state of trance or meditation, the client may be able to remember situations or visualise situations or memories more easily in order to analyse them.
  • In a medium state of trance the unconscious mind is more dominant and therefore the deeper emotional responses, sometimes repressed by fear or anxiety mechanisms are more accessible.
  • In a deep trance (rarely used) psychoanalysis can access deep trauma and repressed memory. This is used rarely and with safe guards because of the danger of false memory syndrome.

Is hypno-analysis the same as psychoanalysis?

Essentially yes it is. A hypnotherapist normally takes slightly more time and effort to ensure the environment and arousal state of the client is determined, and if appropriate a state of relaxation is invoked. The methods, psychological theories and essential techniques are overall the same (although there are some additional ones in trance based analysis).

Who normally provides hypno-analysis?

Many psychoanalysts are not trained in hypnotherapy and therefore are not qualified to provide hypnosis based procedures.  In the same way not all hypnotherapists are trained in all models of clinical hypnosis. Therefore you need a clinical hypnotherapist trained in analysis, or a psychoanalyst trained in clinical hypnosis. Some clinical psychotherapists are trained in a range of methods and are multi-modal including psychoanalytic and hypnotic training. Accredited practitioners in the National Council of Psychotherapists and the National Association of Counsellors Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists are often multi-modal in this way.

Who provides hypnoanalysis at Scotlandtherapy in Edinburgh?

Stuart was trained in psychoanalysis including psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural and hypno-analysis (analytic hypnotherapy) in his initial professional training and accreditation (ASM externally assessed through NVQ awards) (Graduate level). He was further assessed in all three for his second professional accreditation (NACHP) (Post graduate level). Both are CNHC voluntary regulator routes (hypnotherapy) and are integrative.  Stuart is also a certified specialist in the use of Hypnosis, Neuroscience and Mind/Body therapies for the treatment of Trauma. Hypnoanalysis is available in Edinburgh.

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