Ethical Mindfulness

Ethical Mindfulness

Ethical Mindfulness is the more complete and original form of mindfulness or eastern psychology that incorporates not only work on the individual, but also works to address environmental and developmental issues.

Mindfulness Informed Professional

Mindfulness Informed Professional

What kind of things are addressed in Ethical Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is sometimes applied in a “cut down” model, especially in the western world. It is then used to address what the individual do to better adapt themselves and to fit in to the world around them. This ignores the very real issues that can happen around you and to you. it also ignores the effect that the individual has on others around them.

Why does ethical mindfulness matter?

Ethical mindfulness teaches that we all have a responsibility for the effect we have on others. This links to the key concept in mindfulness of compassion. If we are unethical and mindless in our treatment of others, we can expect a cause and effect reaction coming back to us.

As in gestalt there is also the idea of individuals being overlapping spheres of influence, each helping, supporting, influencing or harming the other people around them.

If you ignore the interaction between people, situations and the environment then you are only addressing half the problem. This is also a key concept in critical psychotherapy, where over focus on the individual is considered a flaw in modern psychotherapy.

What kind of benefits are there?

Ethical mindfulness address relationships, interaction with the environment, life choices and ways to behave and react that has a far more humanistic and holistic outcome for the person. This leads to more deep and lasting change, and is more loyal to the initial teachings that influenced eastern psychology.

More information and evidence, as well as NICE recommendations are provided on the main mindfulness page.

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