Workshops for CPD

New Series of Workshops to complement existing training

From 2007 to 2015 our training branch, the SHTC sold it’s courses through an online company in order to have external accreditation. These courses are now no longer legally available anywhere except through us (we retain copyright).

CPD Workshops for 2018

Our online courses are now about to be released in a new format, based around CPD (continuous professional development) workshops for professionals.

Course format

Each course will have a series of pdf handouts, far more than you would normally expect from a CPD course, and in some cases this will be in the form of a printed book. Over time it is our intention to convert all of our CPD courses to book format. There will also be a CPD workshop day, practising the tools from the course. Sometimes 2 days may be needed.

Course accreditation

CPD workshops will be SHTC (Society of Holistic Therapists and Coaches) written and approved, and carry CPD certification.

Course trainer

Stuart will facilitate the courses and is not only a highly experienced therapist with multiple accreditations, and a published author (book chapter and journal articles), but is also a qualified trainer and assessor with both NVQ Training and Assessor awards and a full level IV in Training and Development.

Where and When

The first course –  Stress Management, toolkit for therapists, will run in February 2018 in Edinburgh, with further dates and locations to be announced. It is based around the award winning Stress Pack (Clinical award of excellence) and comes with a free paperpack copy of the course materials.

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