DBT type therapies


DBT therapy (Dialectic behavioural therapy) and similar models

DBT is another particular cut down set of mindfulness principles taken from eastern psychology. Like MBCT and MBSR these are reduced tool boxes which make use of just some of the methods and principles of overall mindfulness. Like these other therapies however this does gove the positive outcome of making the cut down models highly testable for research.

DBT was created as a direct result of CBT not being effective with groups of female clients with both Borderline Personality Disorder and suicidal tendencies. Marsha Linehan therefore developed a system to incorporate those mindfulness based themes she thought might lead to more effectiveness. The result was DBT.

What is Dialectic in DBT?

Dialectic refers to the presence of opposites – acceptance and change within the life of the sufferer. This is part of the basic mindfulness theory in Eastern psychology and is not in any way exclusive to DBT.

What does DBT do?

DBT seeks to:

  1. Address life threatening behaviours
  2. Address therapy interfering behaviours
  3. Address quality of life behaviours
  4. Teach skills acquisition

These are very practical goals, which of course exist within almost all tailored psychotherapies for clinical mental health, including other forms of mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapies including CBASP.

What are the skills focused on in DBT?

DBT focuses on:

  1. Mindfulness
  2. Distress Tolerance
  3. Interpersonal effectiveness
  4. Emotion regulation

Again, an effective and pragmatic choice of goals, also shared by many other combinations of treatment, such as mindfulness and CBASP combined.

A useful additional resource off site can be found HERE

What is available at clinic in Edinburgh and Falkirk

Many therapy systems come to the realisation that the same basic components and themes are needed for the treatment of conditions like depression and destructive behaviour. Therefore although not trained in DBT, Stuart is trained in the overall psychology which it is derived from, and has trained in the applied skills through MBCT, CBASP, CBT and Teaching mindfulness training. The names are different, the components are the same.

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