LGBTQI and other designations

LGBTQ* & Kink / BDSM Clients welcome and actively supported

Stuart is an active supporter of LGBT* groups and rights and engages in ongoing continuous professional development in the area of sexual identity and therapy provision.  This has recently included:

  • Trans reversal clients, managing the trauma of reversing change
  • Trans trauma, those who suffered trauma during change
  • Bisexuality, issues in therapy and discrimination
  • Members of Kink / BDSM and Poly communities
  • Gay and Lesbian clients

We do not provide any form of conversion therapy. We are an inclusive provider, and we will work with you over the therapy process to ensure we are the clinically appropriate service for your needs and that working with your needs will be within our competency, and match our service specialisms

To be clear – we do not support the more radical or discriminatory ideas of ANY group and have no desire to be involved. We accept individuals as unique human individuals. We do not accept the use of any terms that are insulting to any group, but handle this gently where possible.

Personal History

Although I respect the pronouns of others, I (Stuart) reject binary labels of sexuality,  although I generally accept male labeling. I am formerly polysexual although currently in a long term mono relationship.  Since as a Taoist I do not accept that any person is entirely binary male or female, but has traits of both, I consider the concept of identifying as “non-binary” as a misconception. This said, I support the right of everyone to have differing beliefs and positions. More on me personally in my Boundary Statement.

Ongoing training

I complete ongoing post graduate specialist training in a range of areas including different identity areas.

Who do I work with?

I am experienced at working with individuals, couples and non traditional groupings of poly sexual, poly-amorous, kink, BDSM, gay, Lesbian.  I also have extensive experience working with the intersection of sexuality,  and faith issues. I do not work with  “non binary” issues, you should consult a Gender Affirming Therapist for this area of therapy.

I utterly condemn conversion type therapies.
I do reserve the right to help clients challenge and explore their own beliefs.

My primary area of work with diversity clients is in complex PTSD related to identity and discrimination.

I will respectfully refuse to work with groups and persons outside my competence for clinical reasons and am happy to explore whether my competence is appropriate with any such area.

I respect people’s right to adhere to different healthy dietary patterns (I myself am flexitarian / reduced meat eater). As such I support a range of clients with different ideological and ethical diet and environmental beliefs.

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