LGBTQI and other designations

LGBTQI* & Kink / BDSM Clients welcome and actively supported

Stuart is an active supporter of LGBTQI* groups and rights and engages in ongoing continuous professional development in the area of sexual identity and therapy provision.  This has recently included:

  • Transgender clients, therapy impact and issues and discrimination
  • Asexual clients, variety and personal reflections
  • Bisexuality, issues in therapy and discrimination
  • Members of Kink / BDSM and Poly communities
  • Personal sexual identity, issues in therapy and reflection

Personal History

I (Stuart) identify as non-binary sexuality, non pronoun specific although generally accepting male labelling. I am formerly polysexual although currently in a long term mono relationship. More on me personally in my Boundary Statement.

Ongoing training

I am an active supported and attendee of the Scottish Rainbow Therapy Group. And I am listed on the Pink Therapy Directory, the leading resource for LGBTQI* therapists.

Who do I work with?

I am experienced at working with individuals, couples and non traditional groupings of non-binary (gender and sexuality), poly sexual, poly-amorous, kink, BDSM, gay, Lesbian. I have also worked with asexual. I am also transgender supportive.

I utterly condemn conversion type therapies.

Additional experience and skills

I am also experienced and knowledgeable and involved in spiritual and pastoral issues involving overlap between spiritual empowerment and LGBTQI*. I attend Rainbow therapy meetings as often as possible as part of ongoing specific LGBTQI* and kink CPD, as well as having current clients from a range of backgrounds. I am particularly interested in the intersection between different groups including poly, identifying as disabled and non binary.

Key words
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