Preventative Therapy

Prevention can be better than cure

Many people wait for acute of distressing symptoms before seeking counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, psychoanalysis or mindfulness. This means that there is inevitably a period of motivating discomfort that must be endured before relief can be found.

Prevention in psychological therapy

Working to unpick, gain self awareness, promote self compassion and self development before any acute or severely distressing symptoms occurs makes obvious sense but is strangely rare. This could be because of the “stiff upper lip” attitude that is still common in the West.

Personal Development

The other major motivator apart from heading off distress, is positive development. Often associated with life coaching, there is good reason not just to avoid pain or discomfort, but also to promote pleasure and well being. Therefore proactive therapy on a regular basis acts not only as a preventative, but also as a well being enhancer.

Types of therapy used for proactive self help

Positive psychology, life coaching, self hypnosis, humanistic psychotherapy and mindfulness based therapy are all good base models for promoting well being and preventing builds up of negative patterns and stress. Self expression based methods like intuitive Chi Gung and physical therapy like acupressure can also assist with prevention.

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