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Checking our Registrations, Professional Status

Stuart is registered as an analyst (psychoanalysis), psychotherapist (psychotherapy), counsellor (counselling), hypnotherapist (hypnotherapy) and Life coach (life coaching). Also more generally a psychological therapist (psychology) and complementary therapist (complementary therapy). Stuart is on the FHT and CNHC AR accredited  registers under hypnotherapy. He is also registered with the Register of health Care Professionals (a voluntary regulator) for Life coaching, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, hypnotherapy and mindfulness.

Denise is registered as a psychotherapist (psychotherapy), counsellor (counselling), hypnotherapist (hypnotherapy) and Life coach (life coaching). Also more generally a psychological therapist (psychology) and complementary therapist (complementary therapy). Denise is on the CNHC AR accredited register under hypnotherapy and also the FHT AR scheme under hypnotherapy and nutritional advice. (Denise is currently in a support role due to long term health issues).

Because we work from multiple locations we can not hang certificates on the wall! Also we feel that certificates these days are so easy to photoshop that this is not the best way to verify professionals.

We therefore recommend that you use the links below to check for yourself and satisfy yourself that we are registered and qualified.

Verification via professional bodies

Some professional bodies have an online listing. Professional bodies check all qualifications to ensure the member is qualified on entry. They also check status and insurance on a yearly basis.

NCP National Council of Psychotherapists: (psychotherapy) Stuart HERE

FHT Federation of Holistic Therapists (and AR scheme): (hypnotherapy and complementary therapy) Stuart HERE


Verification via CNHC regulator & AR scheme

Search for “morgan-ayrs” so see the listing of both Stuart and Denise (hypnotherapy) HERE

Other Professional Bodies

Unfortunately at this time NACHP (Stuart & Denise: psychotherapy, counselling, hypnotherapy) ,  SHTC (life coaching & complementary therapy), International Council of Psychotherapists (Stuart),  and IPP (psychology: Stuart) do not have online registers. NACHP are designing a new site at the moment (April 2016)

Accredited Registers

The Professional Standards Authority maintains the accredited registers, which enable registration for healthcare professionals not subject to statutory regulation.  Both Stuart and Denise are on AR registers via CNHC and FHT.

Additional Accreditation

Stuart and Denise have both completed the full accreditation route for the core therapy model of hypnotherapy. This is because this route became available first before other routes did.

Stuart has also completed the accreditation process of the NACHP in analysis, humanistic therapy, cognitive behavioural therapies and counselling. This route was previously designed with the approval of HIPC (college of UKCP).

Stuart has completed post qualification competency training with CBASP (cognitive behavioural analysis system of psychotherapy) at Dundee University (Medical School) in conjunction with NHS Tayside. He has also completed CPD training in MBCT and CBT for depression and other forms of mindfulness.  Denise has also completed mindfulness CPD training.

Stuart and Denise both have roles helping to run a holistic coaching training and registering body, the SHTC. They are also both involved as local coordinators for the FHT. Stuart also has roles supporting and assisting the UKAHPP. Stuart is also a regular contributor to professional journals, including a a regular column in “Self and Society”.


We are also registered as a business with the FIND A THERAPY directory

We are also registered with the Psychotherapy Directory (see seal bottom left of page)

Stuart is registered with the Irish Hypnotist Register

Contact via the contact us page HERE


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