Parts Work Psychotherapy

Parts work therapy seeks to incorporate the splintered parts of the self, parts which occur because of trauma, disrupted personal development or developmental psychology.

Parts work within psychoanalysis

In psychoanalysis it is common to work with the client through different parts of their lives, looking for how the client may have been splintered into different parts. The objective is to open a conversation, understanding and eventually combination and healing between the different parts.

Parts work in Analytical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapists trained in analytic, regression and inner child hypnosis often use parts work and seek to return to different stages / parts and open the conversation in an altered / relaxed state. This might be a full formal trance, or just a light relaxed and focused state (as in informal or conversational hypnosis). In conversational hypnosis the process will often weave in and out of psychoanalysis – hypnoanalysis without obvious pause or boundary.

Parts Work for Trauma, Disassociation and Developmental issues

The classic reasons for using parts work is to have a healing effect on trauma, complex PTSD trauma, dysfunctional development, post abuse survival healing and other life stories where there have been significant patterns or events that have left a mark or imprint on the now. In that sense it is very similar, and indeed has a lot of overlap with Gestalt therapy.

Who provides Parts work Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis and Hypnotherapy

Stuart is a CNHC registered clinical hypnotherapist (a PSA AR and voluntary regulator for CAMS) specialising in analytical hypnotherapy. Stuart is also a NCP and NACHP accredited psychotherapist and psychoanalyst. Stuart is multimodal and is also a registered practitioner in mindfulness, counselling, NLP, life coaching and a range of other therapies. Stuart has been trained in multiple parts work modals including Internal Family Systems. For more information see the competencies page.

Stuart specialises in addressing clinical issues with therapy programmes built around NICE recommended and research evidenced core methods. PTSD, trauma and Complex PTSD are specialist areas Stuart focuses on. Sub areas include domestic violence, childhood trauma, psychological abuse, gas lighting, LGBT+ related trauma.

During the pandemic, most therapy is now online:
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