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  • Please note the locations below. It is your responsibility to ensure you know where you are going for consultations. If in doubt please contact us at least 48 hours before any appointment to clarify. Also check your gcal invitations. your Gcal invitation will normally have the address on it, which normally opens google maps on your smart device.
  • All appointments are booked via US, not the clinics.
  • All treatment is BY APPOINTMENT.

Tiree Room, 6th Floor, Scott House 10 South St Andrew Street, EH2 2AZ

(This clinic is set up as an integrative clinic room and seating is based around psychological therapy and thus adheres to psychological therapy National Occupational Standards, but is also suitable for complementary therapy NOS)

Set up is currently modified to adhere to strict COVID safety regulations.

Metered Parking for car users in side streets. Near major bus routes. Near Main Rail Station. On Tram route.

Access: We believe that our clinic is easily accessed by persons with most levels of restricted mobility, but please contact us with your needs so we can verify this according to your specific needs before you visit. We have non-step and lift access and welcome guidance dogs, and believe that most cases are easily accommodated.

General accessibility of service: Please note that psychotherapy is not a clinically appropriate treatment option for persons with certain learning disabilities or other impairments and we will advise you of this if you identify your needs on your assessment forms.

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