Complaints Process

In the event of you having a complaint about the service, in the first instance please contact us directly so that we can try to remedy the situation. In the emotional process of therapy it is possible for misunderstanding, transference, counter transference or processing to cause misunderstanding and the feeling of conflict.

If we are unable to resolve the dispute or complaint then the next stage is to contact the professional body responsible for the therapy type you are receiving. Please ensure that you are choosing the right professional body for the right therapy, or the professional body you contact may not be able to accept the complaint.

Where possible we will enter into mediation to resolve complaints, and we will sign post all clients to the professional body responsible for their therapy type.

Once a decision about any complaint is determined by the responsible therapy professional body, it is standard practice for that professional body to contact the other professional bodies effected by any decision. This particularly applies to professional bodies who have PSA Accredited registers themselves, or verify practitioners for a PSA AR.

Malicious complaints or flaming online will not be tolerated and will be responded to firmly but calmly. It is the nature of therapy provision that occasionally very upset people will project onto services that are not directly involved in their care. We empathise with this situation, but have a duty of care to ourselves and each other as partners and therefore will respond appropriately to malicious complaint. We also have insurance cover for handling defamation and slander.