EAP Conditions


Employment Assistance Programmes

From time to time Scotlandtherapy practitioners accept referrals from EAP schemes and act as sub contractors for those organisations, seeing clients paid for by client companies via the EAP scheme.

Scotlandtherapy Partners Terms and Conditions

Scotlandtherapy accept EAP referrals on an individually assessed basis. Invoices must be honoured within standard 30 day terms or provision will be suspended. Once referred the EAP defers all clinical decisions and rules in regard to cancellation warning and client suitability to the Scotlandtherapy practitioner. This will be in line with clinical judgements and ethical codes of practice.

Client contracts

Clients are required to complete, sign and adhere to individual assessment and contract agreements, copies of which are available on request. EAP schemes that have online systems or paperwork requirements will be cooperated with only so far as is reasonable, Scotlandtherapy practitioners will not assume information technology or administrator roles unpaid as part of any referral. This will include the 48 hour warning of cancellations rule which has no exceptions other than danger to life (e.g. red weather warning or notifiable disease or emergency hospital admission).

Ethics and Clinical Judgement

Clinical ethical considerations, legal requirements and legal restrictions on confidentiality remain paramount and take precedence over other agreements or considerations.

Late payment

Late payment will result in a reminder, then suspension of EAP client sessions since it is unacceptable for practitioners to be asked to work when unsure of payment. Failure to honour valid invoices, including the use of pretexts such as “does not show up on our system” will result in reminders followed by Small Claims Court action for amounts overdue, plus costs via a dedicated Debt Collection Service.

As published information about this service, signposted in emails and invoices, EAP’s are excepted to adhere to these terms and conditions.

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