Attention Focus Training

Attention Focus Training

Attention focus training is the part of mindfulness that deals exclusively with the focusing of attention where you want it to be, rather than on anxieties or worries.

How does Attention Focus Training work?

Attention focus training teaches the client to let go of the anxious thoughts more easily, and transfer their thoughts onto a more constructive alternative. It does not train you to stop being anxious, since anxiety is a natural emotion. What it does instead is help you “move on” better from the anxious thought.

Do I stop being anxious?

No, anxiety is normal. What is not normal is the level of anxiety, or preoccupation with anxiety that occurs in cases of anxiety disorder or clinical anxiety.  Therefore the aim is to train the person to let go of the anxious thought easier and more quickly each time it pops up, and to be able to move on more naturally. This makes the balance of attention more natural.

Where does this therapy come from?

Attention focus training comes from Mindfulness therapy, and also from clinical hypnotherapy and is see as a key part of both.

Does it work?

See the clinical study data and NICE recommendations on our main mindfulness page for evidence that it works.

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