Links page for psychoanalysis centre and Scotlandtherapy

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Professional Bodies and Regulation

Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council

Institute of Health Promotion & Education

National Association of Counsellors, Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists

Royal Society for Public Health

Professional Standards Authority

Educational Resources

British Medical Journal

National Institute of Health and Care Excellence

Open University

Royal Society of Medicine

Skills for Health

Alliance against Statutory regulation of Counselling and Psychotherapy (Blog)

Divorce and Domestic Violence free resources and access to support

Additional Scotlandtherapy Websites

Original, old website

Short summary website

Stuart’s Stand Alone Practice Page

Clinic Locations

Complementary Healthcare Clinic (Falkirk)

Sports and Martial Arts

Ashihara Karate Edinburgh

Krav Maga and Renegade JKD, Edinburgh

Recommended Edinburgh Massage

Relax and Recover

Recommended provider of meals precooked for busy people, those struggling to cook and eat healthily
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