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Stuart is a psychoanalyst and clinical hypnotherapist who over the years has completed extensive CPD (continuous professional development) training, including a level 3 Grief and bereavement counselling award, to augment his core training in the area. He has also completed the CGCS post graduate, post qualification internationally recognised award, and the Advanced Certified Clinician CAGCS award. These are no longer being “renewed” since the qualifications have been completed, and the CPD renewal requirements overlap with those of the main focus of the business –  trauma and loss, therefore the badges would merely require additional charges for no other gain. As part of reducing overheads and preventing the need for further price rises, we have chosen to become more selective in regard to “badge” costs. We intend to focus on trauma and neurodivergence badges and a few specific therapy models, dropping the other badges for related areas (depression, anxiety, grief) which are all covered within trauma and loss.

What to expect with grief and bereavement

There are a number of models of grief that suggest phases, stages or levels of grief and the emotions that are attributed to them. However these are all potential models, and even within the models themselves, there is usually a caveat that stages overlap, repeat or occur simultaneously. Therefore in reality there is no neat progression. Grief and bereavement tends to be messy, chaotic and painful, as a myriad of emotions and feelings compete for attention.

Furthermore the background of the person, the nature of the relationship, the nature of other relationships, whether there have been other bereavements, and the potential future post bereavement all have influences on the individual occasion of grief.

Anticipatory grief

Sometimes we know in advance that a loved one is going to pass away. Diagnosis of terminal conditions with “x” months to live are not uncommon. In these cases there is an anticipatory grief process in advance of the actual passing, as well as a modified response afterwards.

If the anticipation is less than 6 months, according to some therapists there is not enough time to prepare. Over 18 months and there is too much time and a sense of frustration or unreality can set in.

Animal or pet death

Many people consider pets not as belongings, but as close family members. it is not unusual for people to suffer significant grief and bereavement from the loss of a loved pet. Again this is individual, and the attachment to the pet, and the lack of, or dynamic of other relationships around it also influence.

Types of therapy

Grief and bereavement counselling does not seek to “remove” grief. Instead it seeks to guide the person through the experience, seeking understanding, self awareness and authentic emotions. This can take the form of humanistic or person centred counselling, or psychoanalytic, or integrative and holistic. Different styles will help different people and the more flexible the therapist, the more advantageous this is for the client.

Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis and grief counselling in Edinburgh, Falkirk and Glasgow

Stuart initially trained in psychoanalysis, clinical hypnotherapy and stress counselling (externally NVQ accredited and assessed diploma course and CNHC accreditation route via SSM). (We are no longer CNHC registered effective December 2020) .  Post graduation in 1996, he has trained in a range of psychotherapies and counselling models including grief and bereavement counselling. He also uses CBT and holistic psychology, including eastern psychologies, and has a MSc in Psychology. He also completed accreditation assessment in counselling, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy with the NACHP.

In 2020 Stuart completed Post Graduate, post Qualification Specialist Certification training in Grief Integrated therapy, and is now qualified as a grief Specialist.

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