Mindfulness for Fibromyalgia Sleep

Sleep improvement for Fibromyalgia patients using mindfulness

A new research project from the University of Derby has found significant sleep improvements in fibro sufferers using mindfulness.

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Mindfulness Informed Professional

Mindfulness for pain relief

Historically mindfulness has been used in the private sector and the NHS for enabling better pain management, and therefore it was a logical choice of therapy to use in the study.

How does mindfulness usually work in pain management

Mindfulness generally turns down the arousal level and anxiety functions where pain in present. Having this arousal increases pain monitoring and releases chemicals like cortisol that increase pain response. Being less “interested” in the pain effectively “turns down” pain levels.

Results with fibromyalgia

The FHT summary, along with a link to the full study can be found HERE

The results included:

  • 30 percent improvement in sleep quality
  • 23 percent improvement in subjective insomnia
  • 22 percent improvement in sleep impairment
  • 20 percent improvement in daytime sleepiness

Mindfulness is one of the multi modal eastern and western psychotherapies available from Stuart. other methods used to treat fibromyalgia include counselling and psychotherapy, often cognitive behavioural psychological models. These are also available from Stuart. Another method used for pain management is clinical hypnosis.

Stuart is registered with the CNHC (who hold a PSA AR) under  Hypnotherapy ).  He has several competency certifications in Clinical application of Mindfulness for Clients and Groups.

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