Integrative Counselling

Integrative counselling in Edinburgh, Falkirk, Dublin and Glasgow

Stuart initially trained in psychoanalysis, hypnotherapy, stress counselling and health education.(externally NVQ accredited and assessed diploma course and CNHC accreditation route via SSM). Since then he has trained in a wide range of counselling, psychotherapy and psychology. Counselling is less intense than psychoanalysis, and tends to be more “listening” than commenting. integrative counselling is the combination of various counselling styles into a model that adapts to the individual client or couple. He then completed accreditation assessment in psychotherapy, counselling and hypnotherapy with the NACHP.

Types of counselling within integrative counselling

There are many types of counselling or psychological therapy. Examples include transactional analysis, Gestalt, Motivational (for addictions), couples, bereavement, grief and loss, relationship, psychodynamic, person centred, humanistic, positive psychology, and those drawing from eastern psychologies.

Advantages of integrative counselling

Some people prefer a more “listening” approach to the more active psychoanalytic approach.  For those people integrative counselling provides a wide range of methods and styles that can adapt to meet the needs of the individual client. Integrative counselling combines well with life coaching and CBT. After a session based around “listening”, the client and therapist can agree CBT “homework” or coaching “tasks” to complete or attempt, based on the reflection the client has had in session.

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