Not Neuro typical

Clients who are not Neuro Typical, for example on the Autistic Spectrum

Stuart is experienced with working with medium to high functioning clients, especially students, who are not neuro typical and are suffering from mental health distress. Stuart is himself neuro divergent (ASD, ADHD & dyslexia)

This is often because of discrimination, or the pressures of “fitting in” to social norms.


Typical kinds of non neuro-typical client having counselling or psychotherapy

This is only an example list but examples include:

  • Persons with Autism or on the autistic spectrum
  • Persons with Asperger
  • Persons with Dyslexia
  • Persons with Discalculia

It is quite common for clients not to neatly fit into the commonly used labels, or to have more than one.

How to clients with non neuro typical issues often present?

Often the stress of “fitting in”, obeying social norms or applying social “masking” takes its toll on self esteem and causes anxiety or depression.

In other cases there is a cross over with other areas such as BDSM, Kink or LGBT and this increases social pressure. (Stuart is a LGBT/Kink knowledgeable and experienced practitioner).

Self esteem can often be effected by mild learning issues, or perceived clumsiness, or social inadequacies.

Social norms may have been imposed by authority figures causing a stress or mental health reaction.

What other areas cross over or intersect with non neuro typical?

Intersection is where the client has identification to more than one group who is discriminated against or marginalised.

Other examples include but are not limited to:

  • Non binary self identification
  • LGBT*
  • BDSM / Kink
  • Non “white” ethnicity
  • Non “middle class”
  • Non “traditional”
  • Queer
  • Learning difficulties
  • Mixed ethnicity
  • Adoption
  • Poly
  • A-sexual

(note these examples are examples of possible self identifications and are non discriminatory)

We do not provide any form of conversion therapy. We are an inclusive provider, and we will work with you over the therapy process to ensure we are the clinically appropriate service for your needs and that working with your needs will be within our competency, and match our service specialisms

Service of counselling and psychotherapy

Stuart has studied intersection and identity at graduate and post graduate level and attends regular workshops and ongoing training in identity issues. He has over 25 years experience working with a wide range of clients, using integrative and multi-modal therapy to empower and support clients, both individuals and relationships. Stuart is a Certified Clinical Specialist in Attention Disorder based conditions (ADHD-CCSP).

Psychotherapy may not be suitable for clients with severe function loss.

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