Experiences of Mental Health

This Section is About Experiences of Mental Health

The pages listed in this section of the website discuss and give examples from a range of areas of life effecting people with mental health conditions.  Areas include what people say when they are conforming to expectation, what people say when desperate, how people experience the politics of society and other related areas to follow.

Why provide examples of mental health experience?

There are a few reasons for developing this section of the website.

  1. People often think they are alone, that they are weird, that no one will understand. Actually as Jung suggested, mental health symptoms are part of the human condition. When certain bad things happen over time, symptoms result.  It is nothing “wrong” with the person, it is a normal and unpredictable outcome. With anything else in life we would show more empathy or understanding. If we found a stray animal we would expect it to be scared and perhaps snappy. If we did not maintain a car, we would expect it to break down or show signs of wear. If we have a drought, we expect our gardens to suffer. With ourselves, and sometimes other people however, we have a tendency to expect to carry on regardless when bad stuff happens. (For why read the pages in this section)
  2. Sometimes people feel lost and without understanding of what is happening to them. They may have heard the biological and cold medical explanations, but they might not understand how it all fits together experientially.
  3. Friends and family might benefit from reading about some of the experiences and features of mental health survival.
  4. Some activists or potential activists might be interested in the activist / political / social aspect of critical psychotherapy and holistic psychology.

How does it fit into your therapy service in Edinburgh?

Clearly it is beneficial for potential clients to see a little glimpse into the “flavour” and “attitude” of our service. Hopefully this will help some people to decide if our support is for them.

Also hopefully these pages may give some comfort to those people who are either not in our area, or who do not choose to visit our service.

The Author

Stuart is a clinical psychotherapist specialising in combining research and NICE recommended mental health treatments with holistic and individualised treatment and education plans in order to provide effective yet holistic therapy experiences. Stuart also writes regularly in journals about politics in psychology and mental health and is published in related areas as well. He holds clinics in Scotland: Edinburgh and Falkirk.


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