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Analysis is the process of listening, questioning, analysing, coaching and otherwise being proactive in the therapy process. It involves listening to patterns, language and history. It is vital for a range of therapies.

There are many forms of analysis. The most obvious are psychoanalysis and counselling.  Others include hypno-analysis, public health coaching, coaching,  systems analysis,  psychoanalytic systems analysis,  CBT, and mindfulness.

Analysis, Psychoanalysis, Coaching, Counselling, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Edinburgh, Stirling, Glasgow

Analysis and counselling are part of the standard process of identifying needs for hypnotherapy and other complementary health therapy processes.  Obviously therapists need to observe NOS National Occupational Standards in doing their job.

Analysis methods

Stuart and Denise have various analytic methods. Stuart is more psychoanalytic and systems based, Denise is more humanistic and CBT based.

Stuart has studied a variety of patterns, including  CBT, CBASP, Analysis, Systems studies,  Life Coaching and Mental health support.

Denise has also studied a range of environments.

BOTH therapists have worked with mental health, mental health management, counselling, and analytic / hypnotherapy support.

Stuart was trained in Analysis and clinical hypnotherapy by ASM (externally NVQ accredited and assessed diploma course and CNHC accreditation route via SSM).  His training required over 200 supervised client cases (over 1,000 client hours). As well as cognitive behavioural analysis, psychoanalysis and hypnotherapy, the diploma included health education coaching and stress management counselling. Stuart then completed a second accreditation process in counselling, clinical psychotherapy and clinical hypnotherapy with the NACHP.

Stuart has also trained in CBASP competencies (Cognitive Behavioural Analysis Style of psychotherapy) and is working towards full CBASP accredited status.

Video explaining the difference between Cognitive Behavioural Analysis and Psychodynamic psychoanalysis HERE


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