On-line Analysis and Psychoanalysis

On-line Psychoanalysis

Stuart is influenced by Lacan, Freud, Klein and Jung in his psychoanalytic work as well as by a range of philosophical thinkers. Not everyone realises but psychology as a science has only existed for a relatively short time. Before psychology the mind was studied within philosophy and much of our modern psychoanalysis is based on philosophical knowledge.

Stuart uses narrative, symbolism, object relations, transactional analysis models, Gestalt models and other models as needed to customise the experience to the needs of the client. Stuart uses mild interpretation using psychoanalytic models, suggesting interpretations to consider and discuss when appropriate, but absolutely not “telling the client” how it is. Where possible the client is assisted to instead form their own interpretations.

On-Line Cognitive Behavioural Analysis

Cognitive behavioural analysis used cognitive and behavioural theory rather than psychoanalytic theory for the process of analysis. One particular form of Cognitive Behavioural Analysis, CBASP was formed specifically to address serious depression.  Cognitive Behavioural Analysis is not CBT, it looks at far deeper issues, interpersonal relationships, situational outcomes, behavioural patterns, perceptual interpretations and the role of people, experiences and development in these areas being effected.

Stuart’s initial ASM training was in psychoanalysis and cognitive behavioural analysis (as well as stress counselling and clinical hypnotherapy).  He then completed assessment and accreditation in counselling psychotherapy and hypnotherapy with NACHP. In 2015 he is completing additional post qualification training in CBASP.

What are psychoanalysis and cognitive behavioural analysis suitable for?

Psychoanalysis does not “treat” conditions since these are seen as symptoms of deeper personal neurosis. It therefore does not use a biomedical model, nor does it claim to “treat” people.

Cognitive Behavioural Analysis, and CBASP in particular is used for long term mental health conditions including depression.

NICE recommend cognitive behavioural based psychological therapies for most mental health conditions and when dealing with mental health conditions Stuart bases the therapy around this recommendation.

Depression, Bipolar, mood disorders, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, stress, anger and personal emotional situations that defy clear labels are all assisted using appropriate psychological therapies. Often (CBASP in particular) talking and psychological therapies work well when combined with medical treatments or medication, and this service is a complementary service and not an alternative to medical treatment.

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