Psycho-Education / Lifestyle & Wellbeing Coaching

Teaching clients skills in relation to healthier living, self care and behaviour is a vital part of integrative therapy care, and a recognised part of integrative psychological therapy.

Mind and body have a bi directional relationship, that is to say that the mind and the body each effect the healthy working of the other, through a complex system of neurology, nutrition, hormones, neuro transmitters and sensory data, as well as through the CNS (central nervous system) and Polyvagal nervous system. You can not achieve effective relief of complex conditions without an integrative approach.

Boundaries between professions

As a professional traumatologist and consultant psychotherapist Stuart’s role is the mind body psychotherapy and related psycho-education functions. it is not to be a nutritionalist, sports coach, personal trainer, herbalist etc. Stuart has however completed extensive training in Integrative Nutritional therapies for Trauma, Integrative therapy generally, Holistic and integrative approaches, complementary therapies, InterPersonal NeuroBiology and other related topics, as well as having worked professionally as a martial arts based life coach and seperately as a nutritional advisor for two different health chains. He therefore has competence in extending psycho-education and physical wellbeing coaching to indicate areas of self study, self care and issues to raise with other specialists in those areas.

What Stuart does NOT do

Stuart does NOT provide nutritional or herbal advice, that is to say precribing specific substances or quantities to consume. His psycho-education advice or self help training is limited to suggesting types of nutritional product to investigate, taking appropriate advice along the way, and always obeying the recommended manufacturers guidelines.

Stuart also does not specify or design exercise or sports routines, his advice is limited again to suggesting possible activities to consider, again taking expert advice and instruction where needed.

Any suggestions provided for consideration are in the context of general advice, not prescription, and should be taken in the context of checking with a medical doctor if a medical condition is present, taking instruction and advice from an expert (for example nutritional consultant, herbalist, personal trainer) where needed, and always following the manufacturers or suppliers directions for dosage, consumption and contra indications.

The Legal Bit

Since any recommendations, self help training and general advice is not a prescription, the client agrees to accept that this is not medical, nutritional, herbalist or sports training advice, and that it is up to them to take whatever qualified instruction they need should they choose to follow up the suggestion. In doing so the client indemnifies Stuart from and consequences of their own choices in this regard.