MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction


MBSR or Mindfulness based Stress Reduction and related methods

MBSR is a type of mindfulness based stress reduction created by Kabat-Zinn and colleagues. it is a toolkit of methods drawn from mindfulness which is a full and comprehensive form of psychology. MBSR is a cut down toolkit which in some ways is limiting, but is also great for providing a model for research and testing. As such it has proved highly effective in managing stress and anxiety.

Other mindfulness based stress management methods also exist, often combined with hypnosis, such as the Association of Stress Management model which at the time of the author’s training in 1993-6 had already been used on over 120,000 cases in the UK (ASM Figures 1994).

other similar and related methods such as transcendental meditation and Taoist or Zen based methods share many of the features of MBSR.

What does MBSR and similar models do?

These methods combine a combination of active mindfulness and passive mindfulness. Active mindfulness involves learning about thought processes and behaviours and then initiating change to perception and behaviour, rather like in CBT although using somewhat different underpinning theory.

Passive mindfulness involves learning meditation and mindful practice methods to reduce and control stress build up.

What is MBSR useful for?

MBSR was specifically designed to manage stress. Other forms of mindfulness such as MBCT and teaching mindfulness can be used for anxiety, depression, OCD, pain management and general condition management, and various forms of mindful (see main mindfulness page for research details).

Who provides Mindfulness?

Because there is no one recognised qualification or accreditation for mindfulness, it is important to choose a well qualified healthcare or psychological practitioner with underpinning psychological qualifications, who also has a commitment and training in mindfulness. This is often a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist or healthcare practitioner with post qualification training or CPD training in mindfulness methods.

Stuart and Denise are both registered healthcare practitioners with underpinning qualifications and accreditations, and with post qualification CPD trainings in mindfulness. Stuart is listed on the FHT PSA AR under Mindfulness (as well as Hypnotherapy and EMMETT).

Federation of Holistic Therapists. Registered Hypnotherapist and complementary holistic therapist

Federation of Holistic Therapists. Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Emmett

Mindfulness Association

Mindfulness Association Registered Practitioner

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