Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy reminder

Please read the following carefully. By continuing with sessions or bookings you accept and agree to adhere to this policy.

48 hours warning of cancellation are required for cancellation, with no exceptions other than danger to life situations ( weather warnings).

Private clients must settle missed sessions or sessions with less than 48 hours warning before being offered another session.

Private clients will be required to pay the fee for the initial assessment session in advance via PayPal or BACS, and the fee will then be subject to this policy. If the practitioner has to cancel you will be refunded in full.

EAP clients will lose an allocated session if 48 hours warning is not provided. Any attempt to override this via the EAP will result in you being discharged back to the EAP waiting list.

We sympathise that unexpected events like illness can sometimes mean being unable to give the required warning period, however we can not accept responsibility for such events on your behalf, or the resultant costs to us from your non attendance. Our policy ensures that we can maintain our fees at their existing levels for the benefit of all our clients.

Cancellation should be by SMS (not phone call or voice message) or by email. 07341 968242,

Please remember that if you are running late you must contact us before the first 15 minutes of the session are complete, otherwise the session will be considered missed. Please ensure you contact us safely and legally, especially if driving.

On behalf of Scotlandtherapy Partners