Language Analysis

Analysis of language and linguistics within therapy

There are a few different styles of language analysis. Some of these include Lacanian analysis, discourse analysis, logic analysis and coaching or NLP language analysis.

Analysis studies the communication to look for patterns, hidden meanings, clues and direction, with each of the above styles doing so a little differently. Those discussed here are in addition to more traditional forms of psychoanalysis.

Lacanian analysis

Lacanian style linguistic analysis looks at language as where the subconscious appears as “the other”. It is therefore where choice of words, phrases and descriptions show insight into subconscious processing. By looking for a pattern of chosen words the analyst may direct the client to consider the pattern or topic further. Lacan suggested that each individual person had a different language inheriting symbolic and significant meaning within it from the mother. He also maintained that analysts had no business talking about norms or what was normal, since each person is unique.

Discourse analysis

Discourse analysis is often used in ethnographic research to identify patterns and use of terms. It is more direct than Lacanian analysis since it notes frequency and choice in a more common sense way. The analyst might observe the number of phrases used all directed at a specific topic and then hope in on it further.

Logic analysis

This is a more Cognitive Behavioural model, looking for contradictions in conversation and language. These might expose confusion, conflict or hidden agendas in the client. They provide information about how the client sees topics (cognitive) and then translates that into choice of behaviour. Often when people are ignoring their emotional sides, their logic is flawed. If you return to the old left and right brain model, then the suppressed emotion (right brain) leads logical choice (left brain) to be confused or flawed.  Also people can benefit from perspective. Often behaviours or perceptions seem perfectly reasonable to the client, but when reflected back to them as an external example, problems are revealed in the logic of the argument or proposition.

Coaching and NLP analysis

Life coaching and NLP are specifically used for change based work. Therefore the type of analysis employed is either fault finding, or goal setting. Therefore problems would be analysed, solutions extrapolated and goals set.  Where language comes in is identifying dissonance or self sabotage.  Body language and verbal language may five two conflicting meanings (dissonance) indicating internal conflict. Self sabotage can be indicated through choice of language and inflection.

Analysis therefore can be used in a number of therapeutic ways. It can be combined with CBT based psychological therapies, which is recommended by NICE for use with a range of mental health conditions like depression, anxiety and Bipolar. It can also be combined with MBCT (mindfulness based cognitive therapy), also recommended by NICE for mental health issues. CBT based hypnotherapy can also be used. A wide range of other related issues like stress management, anger management, lifestyle management, goal setting, life balance and relationship communication can all be analysed, modelled and assisted.

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Stuart trained in Analysis, stress management counselling, health education coaching and clinical hypnotherapy with the Association of Stress Management. (externally NVQ accredited and assessed diploma course and CNHC accreditation route via SSM). He also has a number of professional registrations and qualifications for counselling, psychotherapy, life coaching, psychology and psychoanalysis. He is on the  CNHC PSA AR (Hypnotherapy).

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