Mindfulness Teaching & Coaching

Mindfulness Teaching and Coaching

Mindfulness teaching is generally seen as a form of psychoeducation where the teacher, usually a qualified therapist or healthcare professional, teaches the client to use various self help and condition management methods.

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Mindfulness Informed Professional

What can Mindfulness teaching assist with?

On it’s own, any kind of psychoeducation can assist with better management of long term pain management or mental health conditions, and psychoeducation is recommended for certain conditions by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence).

Combined with other forms of Mindfulness such as MBCT, MBSR, meditation and active analysis it can be used to assist with a range of mental health issues. Here it fits into mindfulness more generally, with research showing MBCT is effective in helping to manage anxiety disorders, and reduce relapse with depression, part of the reason why NICER recommend MBCT for depression management.

What sort of things do you learn in Mindfulness training?

You normally learn a combination of active and passive skills. Active skills involve actively learning about your thought processes and patterns, and learn to control or modify them. For example learning to spot negative thought patterns early in the process, divert them and thus prevent them becoming obsessive or destructive. Mindfulness training can provide effective lessons and strategies in thought modification. Passive skills include mindful meditation and mindful activity such as mindful walking. These greatly reduce stress and anxiety levels and help to manage levels of stress by providing grounding stress “breaks” during each day.

Who normally provides Mindfulness training?

Usually a qualified professional such as a healthcare professional, psychotherapist, psychologist or hypnotherapist with underpinning psychological qualifications. Because there are no standard or universal qualifications for mindfulness, it is important to check the healthcare professional is qualified in a psychological type discipline.

What can Mindfulness training be used for?

Mindfulness training can cover a range of tools including those from analysis, MBCT, MBSR, meditation and cognitive behavioural psychology. thus there are a wide range of mental health conditions which can benefit (and are research proven or NICE recommended). Including:

  • Anxiety disorders (Research quoted on main mindfulness page)
  • Cancer Stress management  (Research quoted on main mindfulness page)
  • Depression (NICE recommended)
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD (a form of anxiety disorder, see above)
  • Stress Management, especially MBSR
  • General wellbeing
  • Condition management (as a form of psycho-education) including pain management and mental health management
Who provides Mindfulness at the clinic?

Stuart is an accredited counsellor, clinical psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist with accreditation covering analytic, cognitive behavioural and humanistic models. He has extensive stress management and mindfulness training and experience (see main mindfulness page). He is a registered healthcare practitioner with teo Professional Standards Authority Accredited Registers and the Register of Health Care Pracititioners. he also has an NVQ Level 4 in Training and Development in the specific fields of Stress Management and Complementary Health Education.  He is also a Fellow of both the Royal Society of Public Health and the Institute of Health Promotion and Education. His qualifications include multiple professional diplomas, two separate completed professional accreditation processes and a MSc Psychology. Stuart is registered with the CNHC (who hold a PSA AR Hypnotherapy).  He has several competency certifications in Clinical application of Mindfulness for Clients and Groups.

Mindfulness Association

Mindfulness Association Registered Practitioner

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