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Anger Management Counselling and Therapy, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Falkirk, Dublin

Anger management therapy combines stress management counselling, psychoanalysis to identify causes, coaching to change lifestyle and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for self analysis. Clinical hypnotherapy can help both reduce stress and anxiety and also enable perceptual and behavioural change.

Stuart is a highly experienced therapist (est 1993) who has included anger management among his specialities for over a decade.

Certified: Anger Management Treatment Specialist

Anger Specialist

“The red mist falls over me and that’s it!”
“I reach a certain point and then I loose control”
“I always try to say yes, even when I should say no”
“I’m fine apart from if I take a drink”
“It’s always the silly little things that make me lose my temper”
“Once I get mad, it’s like watching someone else”
“Some people just get under my skin and I can’t hold my temper”
“About once every few weeks / months something will just trigger me and I get a rage on”
“I’m fine for weeks, then I seem to always have an angry incident”
“Why do I get mad at the ones I love?”

How does anger management counselling work?

There are a number of stages to anger management:

1. Identify contributing experiences, developmental issues, trauma or other historical events.

2. Identify danger environments- i.e. environments where the person is at risk.

3. Identify triggers –  the causes, people, events or situations that cause a peak in anger.

4. Identify true causes: anger is often displaced from the actual cause onto unrelated people or situations. The real causes, and ways in which anger build up need to be identified.

Once the above have been completed the client can:

1. Resolve underpinning issues with psychoanalysis and stress counselling.

2. Change perception of danger environments with CBT and clinical hypnotherapy (and general self awareness from analysis).

3. Change responses to historical triggers. Hypnotherapy, CBT and self awareness, and sometimes NLP, can assist in changing perception of triggers, and responses to them. Awareness brings choice and self control.

4. Prevent build up of anger with life coaching to adapt lifestyle and behaviour, analysis to identify deeper perception and issues, stress counselling to explore feelings and CBT and hypnotherapy to enable the changes to work.

5. Mindfulness, hypnotherapy and meditation can all be employed to reduce aggression and stress levels.

Is all anger management counselling the same?

Although the core principles above need to be addressed,  no two people will have the same issues, triggers or environmental constraints. Thus you see many typical patterns, but no two quite the same. Stress management training courses, books and DVD’s are of very limited use and can actually encourage repression of anger, leading to more violent outbursts in future.

Some training also fails to identify or work with other forms of aggression, such as passive aggressive behaviour.

Stuart is trained in CBASP (competency post qualification training) and is working towards full accreditation with Dundee University, the only CBASP centre in the UK. CBASP contains methods including situational analysis (SA) and significant other analysis (SOA) which allow the client and therapist to work out exactly what was going on in specific situations (SA) and how other people effect you emotionally (SOA). These two factors are often crucial in anger management. Both enable identification of interpretations, behaviours and attitudes, as well as “hot spots” which impact on ability to cope with anger issues.

Why choose Stuart for anger management counselling and training?

Stuart trained with ASM, (externally NVQ accredited and assessed diploma course and CNHC accreditation route via SSM). Stuart was assessed on over 200 client cases (way over 1,000 client hours) and NVQ assessment was integral to the training. Stuart was trained in psychoanalysis, stress management counselling, health and education coaching and clinical hypnotherapy, and although general therapy methods were taught, ASM training specialises in stress and psychosomatic disorders. Anger is explicitly a stress related condition, where a number of different factors cause stress and distress, which then is revealed as anger, irritability or aggression.

Stuart also then completed accreditation with the NACHP (former UKCP/HIPC route) in counselling, clinical psychotherapy and clinical hypnotherapy.

Since graduation in 1996 with a diploma in analysis and hypnotherapy, Stuart has completed CPD training in a wide range of models of psychotherapy and counselling, and a MSc in Psychology. Stuart has completed competency training in CBASP and is working towards full accreditation. He has also completed accreditation with the NACHP in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and counselling.

Stuart has also studied post qualification competency / CPD in Cognitive Behavioural Analysis methods including situational analysis, and mindfulness based methods including mindful analysis and MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction).

(Stuart is  registered with the CNHC: hypnotherapy)

Professional registration stress and anger management

Stuart is a Fellow of the National Council of Integrative Psychotherapy, a Fellow member of the National Association of Counsellors Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists.

Certified: Anger Management Treatment Specialist

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