Styles & philosophy of Mindfulness

What style or modal is mindfulness?

Eastern psychology dates back to 4500 bce. Frankly it predates anything we have in the western world.

Mindfulness Informed Professional

Mindfulness Informed Professional

Is mindfulness humanistic, psycho-dynamic or cognitive behavioural?

No,wrong question, it predates all of these.

What is Mindfulness then?

Eastern psychology and mindfulness can be likened to all the major western psychological principles. Confucius is quite like cognitive behavioural in that it promotes certain behaviours.

Taoism is similar to humanistic psychology in that it challenges the establishment.

Shinto is a shamanic faith that promotes spirituality and environmentalism.

Please do not keep making Eastern faiths about Western psychology!

Eastern psychology is deeper and older than anything we have in the west.  It is very sad that the modern NHS and other establishments are trying to co-opt mindfulness into their way of thinking.


Mindfulness requires learning a new way of thinking, behaving and operating and is assisted by a therapist who is an expert in the tools, but defers to your life experience.

Mindfulness training is hard, because it combines analysis (self discovery), self awareness (counselling), self forgiveness (acceptance and forgiveness practice) and self responsibility (change processes).

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