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Student counselling and psychotherapy in Edinburgh, Stirling, Glasgow, Falkirk

Student life is often a time when personal issues either get on top of you because of the additional stresses of being a student, or when underlying older issues emerge in your new environment. It is not unusual for stress, anxiety, anger, eating disorder, mood disorder, relationship difficulties or self image issues (among many more) to emerge as problematic during the student experience.

Lower rate counselling for Students in Edinburgh, Falkirk, Glasgow and Stirling

Although more universities have some free student counselling provision, usually there are only a limited number of sessions, and this may not be enough to complete your process of development, self awareness or emotional recovery. Stuart and Denise provide student counselling in Edinburgh, and Stuart also provides it in Falkirk, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling. Each location has slightly different rates, but discounts are given to students in all three locations.

What types of therapy are available for students in Edinburgh, Stirling and Falkirk?

Although therapy for students is usually called generically “student counselling”, Stuart is a psychoanalyst, hypnotherapist and also provides psychotherapy, counselling, CBT and life coaching. The therapy provided is chosen according to the needs of the individual student (or couple). Both therapists have attended both traditional university, and open university courses.

Is student counselling provision for everyone at university or college?

If you are at any UK University or college then yes. Stuart and Denise both work with all cultures, religions, genders, relationship types and sexual preferences without discrimination. Stuart in particular has worked with Gay, Bisexual and Lesbian issues for many years.

Young people who have had depression often relapse and there is no clear evidence of any one therapy method more efficient than others to prevent this, although medication may slightly reduce relapse *. Therefore having a therapy service at close hand is a vital reactive response when required.


Who provides the counselling service in Edinburgh?

Stuart and Denise are both available in Edinburgh. Stuart is available in Falkirk and Stirling.

Stuart initially trained in psychoanalysis, clinical hypnotherapy, stress counselling and health education. Since then he has trained in a range of psychotherapies and counselling techniques completing extensive continuous professional development including a MSc Psychology.

Denise initially trained in humanistic counselling and hypnotherapy, and since then has trained in mental health support and various other counselling methods as well as life coaching. Her continuous professional development has included a BA (Open) in psychology, health and social policy topics.

Both therapists are CNHC registered hypnotherapists. CNHC is the voluntary regulator set up with UK Government funding and support for complementary therapies and is also an AR. AR’s or accredited  registers are maintained by the professional standards authority for healthcare professionals not subject to statutory regulation.  Both therapists are also professionally registered with different professional bodies for psychotherapy, counselling, hypnotherapy, life coaching, complementary therapy and psychological therapy provision. Both therapists are also registered on the FHT AR.

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