Seated Massage and Acupressure

Seated Massage and Acupressure for Stress and Anxiety

Many of the symptoms of stress manifest themselves through the central nervous system and result in muscle “knots”, tension and general muscular discomfort.

Acupressure treatment

Seated treatment is often more comfortable than bed based treatment, which is often not ergonomic based.  This treatment is ergonomic. As long as a genuine description is given, we can adapt to ensure your needs. Of course email your details first so that no one’s time is wasted on cases we can not help with.

Holistically based stress treatment

The style of treatment on offer is rooted in Buddhist and Taoist treatment, and the practitioner is non static, but instead is using movement based techniques, therefore flowing with Chi / Ki energy.

What can it help (seated massage)

Well obviously stress and tension, and physical manifestations of that, but there are other issues that are related that might also benefit.

Where is it available

Edinburgh clinic only

From Who?

Stuart has completed CMHT, GHT, SHTC approved practitioner diploma training in Seated Acupressure massage. Stuart is a Reiki Master (traditional) and grand master (non traditional), as well as a Chi Gung specialist.

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