Sexual dysfunction and addictions

Sexual dysfunction and addictions

Many sexual issues can be psychosomatic in origin. Obviously you should always consult your GP to ensure that there is no medical physical cause, since there are a range of medical conditions that can effect sexual function, and these may need medical treatment.

Where psychological issues are at the root of the problem there are a number of ways in which lack of arousal, lack of function, or lack of ability to perform / complete are experienced. There are versions of these for both genders, and it can effect people of all sexual preferences.

Sexual dysfunction

Stress, anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, addictions and a range of other psychological issues cause cognitive interference with the process of sex, and can all interfere with sexual function. Often this takes the form of intrusive thoughts, or a strong somatic (physically felt) sense of stress or anxiety.

In men this often prevents the ability to become aroused and erect. In women it can cause tightness or lack of lubrication. Other symptoms are classic fight and flight responses that can be felt around the body.

In some cases sex can be commenced, but not maintained. In others sex can be experienced but a climax can not be achieved.

Sexual addictions

Many people experience kink, play or pornography in healthy and stimulating ways that enhance their sex lives, alone or with others. For some people however these can become a problem if they start to interfere rather than enhance the experience. For others the use of enhancing drugs and chemicals can result in the inability to enjoy natural un-enhanced sex.

Psychological treatments for the psychological problems in sexual experience

There are two forms of treatment. specialised sex therapists offer physical and play methods for reengaging in sex. We do not offer this service.

Psychological therapists address the underlying thought processes and behaviours that feed into the problem. Therefore rather than concentrating on the act of sex, psychological therapists will look to address what is disrupting the psychological state needed for successful experience.  This might be addressed from a cognitive behavioural perspective, or from a more traditional psychoanalytic perspective.

Hypnotherapy can be used to practice the sex act psychologically in order to reduce anxiety, minimise the likelihood of negative triggers and desensitise the client to the fear of failure –  a form of cognitive behavioural “stress inoculation therapy”.

Who can benefit from psychological therapy in this area

Stuart is part of the Pink Therapy and Rainbow Therapy networks of LGBT* & BDSM / Kink friendly therapists and attends regular local training sessions. Therapy is open to all gender identities and sexual preferences without favour or discrimination.

Stuart usually uses a combination of CBT and psychoanalysis, together with appropriate mindfulness and hypnosis based methods when working in this area.

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