Therapy via Skype

Therapy by Skype on-line

Stuart will be commencing Skype based talking and psychological therapies from April 2015. Previously Stuart has provided phone based therapy, but with improved broadband access he is now able to provide Skype based support.

Types of therapy provided on-line

Hypnotherapy will NOT be provided due to safety concerns about not being actually present, although some downloadable MP3 files to complement other therapies are already available.

Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Analysis, Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy and Life Coaching will all be provided on-line.

Where can we access this on-line therapy?

As long as you have a reasonable broadband connection, are able to communicate through English, and can arrange a mutually reasonable time with Stuart, location does not matter. You will be accessing a therapy service located in the UK, insured and adhering to standards for the UK. It is important that if accessing from another country that you understand and accept that this is a UK service, provided according to UK rules and laws.

What kind of issues are covered by the service?

Stuart initially trained with the Association of Stress Management, specialising in stress, anxiety and related conditions such as anger. Since then his areas of speciality have expanded into mental health generally, using Cognitive Behavioural Analysis and other Cognitive Behavioural psychological therapies together with other forms of psychotherapy to assist in a wide range of issues including depression, bipolar, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, mood disorders and also general counselling. Stuart has received specific training in mental health, grief and bereavement, integrative psychotherapy and counselling and depression therapy.

How do I arrange a Skype session?

In the first instance email Stuart at and you will be sent initial assessment forms to complete and return. You will also discuss the service and your issues briefly by email to ensure this is a suitable service for you. Then by email you can simply arrange a suitable time.

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