Executive Life Coaching and Motivational Coaching

Executive Life Coaching and Motivational Coaching

This is the area of reducing barriers of resistance and increasing qualities such as:

  • Resilience
  • Motivation
  • Self Confidence
  • Work life balance
  • Self awareness

Managing self and time

Unethical coaching simply pushes people to try to achieve more and more and more without a sensible limit, or without asking “Why?”.

Sustainability comes through work life balance, and balancing stress. This maintains long term enthusiasm.

What is needed?

Obvious there are coaching procedures and skills such as goal setting, barrier removal, skills identification and achievement and above all cognitive behavioural change. other than that, a good coach will work with the individual, and not be limited by a certain way of proceeding.

Who is the right kind of coach?

Many coaches out there are former executives, usually lower or middle management, who were laid off in recent recessions, and have retrained with the many cheap and cheerful (and some not so cheap) short courses in life coaching. These last a few months at best and are not usually even university or vocationally accredited.

You are advised to look for a coach with the following:

  1. A recognised coaching or teaching qualification (not some independent diploma)
  2. A recognised background in psychotherapy or psychology at degree level or better
  3. Experience!
Who provides coaching at Scotlandtherapy?

Stuart is a qualified and registered psychotherapist, counsellor and hypnotherapist with over 25 years experience and a MSc in Psychology. He is a qualified coach with Coaching NVQ units C21, C25 and C27 as part of an NVQ Level 4 Training and Development award (National level 5). He has completed a wide arrange of other therapy, coaching and mindfulness awards post qualification. he also has an underpinning Business Degree (BSc Hons I.I.T. specialising in human resources, logistics and SSADM).

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