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Counselling is a professional conversation between a therapist and a client where structure and healing space combine to allow processing and discussion of personal issues or couples issues.

What kinds of counselling are available

Stuart trained 1993-96 in psychoanalysis, clinical hypnotherapy and stress management counselling. His specialities are stress management counselling, psychoanalytic therapy and counselling, and integrative counselling. He has also completed CPD and post graduate training in person centered, TA, Gestalt, primal and integrative counselling. He also completed accreditation assessment with the NACHP in psychotherapy, counselling and hypnotherapy.

What is the difference between counselling and psychotherapy

This is a disputed area with some people claiming there is no clear difference.  one opinion, and that shared by Stuart, is that psychotherapy is more directive and focused than counselling, which tends to be a more “open space”.

What is the difference between counselling and psychoanalysis

Typically psychoanalysis looks to analyse the patterns, history and perception of the client, using one of the different schools, or combination of different schools of psychoanalytic thought. Counselling tends to be an open book, or clean slate with unconditional positive regard. Psychoanalysis looks to find answers on a deeper level.

Couples counselling, stress counselling, grief counselling.

Couples counselling is a general term used for most couples based therapy work, be that psychoanalytic or person centred for example.

Stress counselling is a specific and specialised use of techniques to assist in the understanding and management of stress and incorporates elements of coaching.

Grief counselling is a specialised method of counselling dealing with the processing and healing after a loss of a loved one, pet or relationship.


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