Children and Adolescents

Children and Adolescent Counselling and Psychotherapy

The type of therapy offered varies depending on the age of the child / children. Please take a few moments to consider the information on this page.

The age ranges are split as 0-5, 6-13, 14- onward.  This is because in each age range the type of intervention is different, and focuses differently. As the young person develops they move through developmental stages from an “appendage” of the mother (in the nicest possible way), to a young person learning cause and effect, to a naturally rebellious and boundary testing adolescent. The active participation of the parent is key in the younger stages.

The models of therapy used by Stuart are based on psychodynamic and developmental psychology, with mindfulness and hypnotherapy where appropriate. With children these methods are often adapted to include imagery, play or story telling, in order to allow it to be packaged in a form appropriate to the child.

Also key to the therapy process is a non judgemental and supportive positive environment for parents and kids to learn together.

Clinical hypnotherapy is effective on adolescents with minimal modification compared to adult work. With younger children (6-13) it is adapted to have image and story based hypnosis work. See below for adult attendance.

We are currently not able to take on younger clients,

due to heavy workload. Over 16’s only

Adolescent Counselling and Psychotherapy (14 and up)

Adolescent counselling and psychotherapy is a modified version of the type of therapy a student or young adult would benefit from. In Scotland the age of adulthood is 16 and therefore under that age the parent’s consent is needed.

Child counselling and psychotherapy (6-13)

In this age range the child can benefit from simplified psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, and the use of images and stories is very helpful. In this age range the active involvement of a care giver is vital and therefore therapy takes place as a family interaction with mum (or dad) and child (or children).  This is a combination of image and story based therapy for the young person and interpersonal therapy and psycho-education for the adult.

Very young children (0-5)

In this age group the child or children can attend with the parent, but the focus is on the parent and not the child. This is because the child is not yet a “free agent” and although it may seem as if they have, they really have little control over their environment. Any control is very basic and primal (crying, good / upset behaviour etc).

Stuart was trained from the start in working with adults and young people and is registered on the Disclosure Scotland PVG scheme for working with both young persons and vulnerable adults. Young person work is NOT available via skype and if hypnotherapy is used with an under 16, the parent must be in attendance on the premises.

At the moment (2021) Stuart is rarely taking on younger clients since his practice is extremely busy with adults and couples.

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