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Anxiety UK

Anxiety Conditions Edinburgh Glasgow Falkirk Stirling

Dear Colleagues in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Falkirk, Stirling
As we are all aware, money is tight.
Anxiety UK run a scheme based on ability to pay for people suffering from anxiety related issues.

Anxiety Conditions, Charity rates

This might include, IBS, GAD, NEAD, phobias and general anxiety / stress
I now have the facility to take a limited number of clients under this scheme in the above areas.
This is part of our non profit making (cost covering) scheme.
As some of you might be aware, I am an ASM (now Society of Stress Managers and CNHC AVR route) trained (psycho)Analyst, stress counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist, therefore specialising in this work. By all means ask me for details, but in brief this required over 200 client cases, over 1,000 client hours, external city and guilds assessment and since then I have gained a MSc Psychology. I am on 2 AVR schemes. I have regular clinical and peer supervision.
Please, if you can not help anyone with the above issues, pass on the paragraph below.
Kindest regards,
Your collegue, Stuart
Our helpline number is 08444 775774 or via our web site or maybe a link to our generic leaflet here

New clinic base in Edinburgh

We now have a clinic base at Wallace House in Trinity, which is in the North of the City of Edinburgh.

I will be providing Psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, counselling, coaching, hypnotherapy and mindfulness at this new base from later this month, mainly on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Expanding our provision

New premises?

Today I am happy to be visiting another facility in Edinburgh with a view to providing more flexibility in regard to location, and security for my clients.

Security of provision

I (Stuart) believe that one should not be reliant on just one location for facilities, and therefore adding venues is a natural measure.

Therapy in Edinburgh

We hope to be providing psychoanalysis, clinical hypnotherapy, counselling, psychotherapy and CBT in our new location in North Edinburgh if all goes well.

This week in clinic

This week despite the bank holiday we have gotten off to a start using today for more ongoing training. Tuesday is a full day of clinic providing psychoanalysis, counselling and psychotherapy. Wednesday is quieter, Thursday brings clinic in Falkirk with hypnotherapy and Psychoanalysis. Friday and Saturday are psychotherapy clinic days back in Edinburgh.

Our service is integrative, blending psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, counselling, hypnotherapy, cbt and coaching according to the needs of the client or couple.

Stirling Clinical Provision

Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Hypnotherapy Stirling

We now have a base active in Stirling. Psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, counselling, life coaching, mindfulness and other related psychology previsions are there in Stirling.

Psychotherapy, psychoanalysis Stirling

We have a complete professional provision in Stirling, Stirlingshire, UK.

We are providing psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP in Stirling, Stirlingshire UK.