On-Line counselling

On-line counselling provision via Skype

Stuart is available to provide on-line counselling, primarily using Skype. A range of counselling styles are used by Stuart including humanistic, grief and bereavement, motivational and integrative.

What can I receive counselling for On-line?

Counselling is a low intensity form of psychological therapy and is used in personal development, self awareness and general emotional issues. For more serious issues psychoanalysis, CBT or cognitive behavioural analysis may be more suitable.

Where can I log on for on-line counselling?

As long as you can converse in English, have a reliable internet connection and accept that this is a UK based service using UK standards and adhering to UK ethics and legal standards, then you are welcome to use the service.

Is everyone welcome to use the service?

Stuart actively works with different cultural, faith, sexual preference and social groups without discrimination and is listed on the “Pink Therapy” LGBT directory.

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