Mindfulness based Analysis


Mindfulness based active psychoanalysis

Mindfulness is often associated just with passive methods such as meditation and mindful walking or breathing. Although these are vital parts of mindfulness, active mindfulness is far more like psychoanalysis or cognitive behavioural analysis.

The observer position

In active psychoanalytic mindfulness the client is taught to take the observer position and begin to be far more self aware. By “watching” thought processes and patterns unfold, an awareness of how negative thought patterns build up is gained. Then the next stage is to use practical mindfulness based methods to divert or prevent these from being allowed to “run riot”.

In time, with practice the method gives back choice and decision making to the client, rather than them being on “autopilot” and repeating negative thought processes and spirals.

Cognitive and Behavioural aspects to mindfulness

Although some of the underpinning eastern psychology is more like what we would consider philosophy in the west, there is a strong component of cognitive and behavioural understanding and change. The cognitive aspect can be seen strongly in MBCT or mindfulness based cognitive therapy, and both cognitive and behavioural in MBSR or Mindfulness based stress reduction.

What does it help with?

Research information is provided on the main mindfulness page. There is research supporting mindfulness methods such as MBCT, teaching ,mindfulness and mindfulness practice for a range of conditions and NICE recommend MBCT for depression treatment.

Evidence or research (or both) exist for:

  • Stress and anxiety management (including anxiety disorders like OCD)
  • Pain management anc management of conditions psychologically including the emotional effects of cancer diagnosis.
  • Depression
  • General mental health condition management
    (see main mindfulness page for more information and studies)
Who normally provides mindfulness based analysis and therapy?

Because mindfulness does not have a standard qualification or accreditation, one should seek out a healthcare or psychotherapy practitioner with underpinning accreditation and some kind of post qualification or CPD training in mindfulness.

Stuart and Denise are both accredited psychotherapists and are on Professional Standards Authority Accredited Registers. Both have completed CPD mindfulness training. Stuart is listed on the FHT PSA AR under Mindfulness (as well as Hypnotherapy and EMMETT).

Federation of Holistic Therapists. Registered Hypnotherapist and complementary holistic therapist

Federation of Holistic Therapists. Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Emmett

Mindfulness Association

Mindfulness Association Registered Practitioner

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