Monthly Archives: February 2015

Student counselling

Student counselling spaces available in Edinburgh

From time to time a dip in seasonal demand means we can take on more student counselling clients on low student rates. At this time of year most therapists are quieter than usual, and we are able to take on a limited number of additional student counselling clients.

Student counselling Edinburgh

Student counselling sessions with Scotlandtherapy start from just £25 per session, up to £35 per session and are highly discounted from full rate sessions.

Psychological therapies for Students Edinburgh

As well as counselling, students can access life coaching, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and Indian Head Massage for no extra cost.

Deeper psychological distress or mental health counselling

Student counselling services provided by universities are only able to provide light level support, general counselling and often a limited number of sessions. We are able to work longer term, with deeper issues and with more serious presentations.