Memory and Anxiety related cognitive issues, psychotherapy approach

Memory is often effected by stress, anxiety and other mental health conditions. It can be assisted with the use of appropriate mental health support, including CBT based psychological therapies, psychoanalysis and counselling. It can also be helped in a more specific way using hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching.


Anxiety effects memory, psychotherapy can help

While in a state of anxiety memory is effected. Therefore mindfulness, therapy and coaching training to reduce anxiety all help memory in the long term.

Coping mechanisms like drinking or drugs that reduce anxiety in the short term often reduce long term memory.

Self hypnosis methods can assist in memorizing information. Psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and counselling can also be vital.

Laying down of memory, retrieval of memory, quality of memory and ability to concentrate are all effected by anxiety and psychological interference.

Anxiety is created by long term conditions, problems and patterns

Psychoanalysis can assist in addressing the long term issues, the real reasons why memory is effected.

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