Humanistic Psychotherapy

Humanistic Psychotherapy approaches

There are perhaps two main considerations in humanistic psychotherapy:

  1. Humanistic ethos
  2. Humanistic practice and approach

The first, the humanistic ethos, guide the treatment or therapy approach in terms of objective and philosophy. Generally humanistic practitioners work with “human beings” and not medical conditions. In other words, although the presenting conditions are addressed, the practitioner works more holistically with the client, than just trying to resolve symptoms.

Additionally the humanistic approach considers the person or couple within a greater society setting. The person is not a stand alone individual, they are part of the complex social setting and interaction around them.

Humanistic practice and approach is made up of a wealth of methods and styles from both eastern and western psychology. These include person centred counselling, Gestalt model, some styles of transactional analysis and the styles of individual therapy schools. Eastern styles include the various styles of mindfulness, both active and passive, mainland and Japanese.

What is available from this humanistic psychotherapy service?

Stuart is an integrative, multi modal psychotherapy provider. In other words Stuart chooses and blends the models and methods that suit the individual or couple in question, combining clinical effectiveness (NICE and research recommended methods), with consideration of the wider needs of the client or clients.

In practice this might mean a holistic and humanistic overall approach to a clients self development, while also where appropriate employing specific evidenced methods to address individual facets or symptoms.

More information on types of Humanistic psychotherapy available

Other sections of this website cover many of the forms of humanistic style psychotherapy provided. These are mainly in the psychology section, where you will find descriptions of the many eastern psychology methods provided. There you will also find some information on philosophy in therapy, an area that tends to be claimed by both the psychodynamic and humanistic communities. There is also information on Gestalt within integrative psychotherapy.  Within Mindfulness provision there is MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy), DBT (Dialectic Behavioural Therapy), Hygge wellbeing, and others, which combine cognitive and humanistic methods in an eastern psychology context.

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