Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and psychological therapies

MCBT is a term used to describe the combination of mindfulness methods with elements of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). The NHS has developed as respect for MCBT, providing it in the UK. NICE have also recommended the use of MCBT in depression and other mental health conditions.

What is MBCT?

Mindfulness is a system of eastern psychology originally found in Buddhism, and with variations found in Zen Buddhism.  MCBT is usually a rather limited and cut down version of mindfulness that is provided in MBCT, combined with cognitive leaning CBT. Typically some meditation, visualisation, mantra and exercise routines may be taught, alongside CBT to analyse and identify patterns of behaviour and new options.

What type of MBCT is offered by Stuart in Edinburgh, Falkirk, Dublin and Glasgow?

Stuart initially trained in psychoanalysis, hypnotherapy, stress counselling and health education. Since then he has studied a variety of forms of psychotherapy, counselling, CBT, NLP, eastern psychology and has completed professional development training including a MSc Psychology. He also has a background in Martial Arts and related eastern topics. He has also studied a range of religions including Taoism and Buddhism. he has completed two separate accreditation processes, his first with his initial training organisation and this included elements of MBSR type stress management, and the second with NACHP, the President of which is a published authority on mindfulness with hypnosis in clinical practice.  Both accreditation routes are voluntary regulator and PSA AR access routes.

Stuart combines analysis, CBT and a more holistic range of eastern psychology including Mindfulness exercises such as those mentioned above, but also Naikan, Morita and Satori from the Zen and Japanese psychology background. As a clinical hypnotherapist he is also able to teach a wide range of meditation, self hypnosis and visualisation processes more advanced than typical MBCT provision. Stuart has completed CPD training in MBCT and CBT for depression. More information on the main mindfulness page. Stuart is listed on the FHT PSA AR under Mindfulness (as well as Hypnotherapy and EMMETT).

What is mindfulness based cognitive therapy, CBT and hypnotherapy good for?

NICE recommend hypnotherapy for IBS (a stress related condition), CBT based psychological therapies for almost all mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, and MBCT for depression and related conditions. Therefore the combination of therapies mentioned are known to be appropriate for the treatment of a range of mental health problems like depression and anxiety.

Moving away from the biomedical model of “treating”,  combined with psychoanalysis the able techniques can enable self development, unpicking of personal issues and patterns and greater self awareness. Therefore they can lead to a greater emotional development and sense of well being, and ability to modify or leave behind unwanted or outgrown patterns. Thus the human condition can be assisted!

Federation of Holistic Therapists. Registered Hypnotherapist and complementary holistic therapist

Federation of Holistic Therapists. Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Emmett

Mindfulness Association

Mindfulness Association Registered Practitioner


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