Specialist Issues assisted including TRAUMA

Some issues assisted with psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, counselling and other therapies

Elsewhere on the site you will find conditions that are generally classified as medical diagnosis. Although psychoanalysts generally do not use biomedical terminology in session, it is easier to group conditions in sections for client reference.

This section therefore refers to those issues that are not considered medical diagnosis, such as confidence, self esteem, emotional needs, stress, anger management, and general counselling. These can often be greatly assisted through talking or psychological therapies, and may also respond to therapies such as hypnotherapy or mindfulness.

Some issues like phobias, low self confidence and general emotional unease are often treated as important but low intensity issues.

Stuart has completed Specialist Post Qualification, Post Graduate Certification separately in the areas of:

  • Depression, in particular long term depression using CBASP
  • Mood Disorders and Trauma (CDMDTP)
  • Anxiety (CCATP: Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Practitioner
  • Trauma (CCTP): Certified Clinical Trauma Practitioner
  • Complex Trauma (CCTP-II): Certified Trauma Practitioner: Complex and Dissociative Disorders
  • Hypnosis, Neuroscience and Mind/Body treatments in treatment of Trauma
  • Attention Disorders (ADHD-CCSP)
  • Certified Clinical use of Mindfulness

These certifications are for fully accredited post graduate practitioners and are of specialist post graduate, post qualification standards.

These are all recognised areas of Speciality with

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Stress and Anger Management therapy and counselling

Stress and anger management often present as symptoms of an underlying mental health condition, such as depression, anxiety or a mood disorder. However they also typically occur when a person is suffering from pressure and is unable to cope without either support or better strategies.

Stress is the anxiety we feel when our resources to cope are outmatched by the demands placed upon us. This may emerge from almost any area of life, or more commonly multiple areas.

Anger issues occur when the natural instinct to anger when in danger is triggered out of context, or when a person is failing to control anger impulses and is acting on them.

Self esteem, self image and self confidence often are effected by the lessons we learn in life, relationship experiences, or even childhood lessons.

Stress Management Consultant

Stress Management Consultant

Are some conditions less serious than mental health conditions?

Yes and no. There is no neat divide between what is serious and what is not. For example many therapists, including Stuart, use CORE forms ™ for assessment purposes. These generate a score which indicates low severity, significant severity or acute severity. These are used to assess risk, but like any statistical form are highly subjective. A few points one way or another mean low severity and “problems coping with stress” or a possible diagnosis from a GP for anxiety or even an anxiety disorder. Therefore it is wrong to judge the emotional pain or difficulty faced by any client.

Furthermore mental health conditions often begin as mild and over time if not assisted may become more acute, even leading to crisis. Therefore addressing issues early on is a sensible proactive and preventative measure.

What therapies are used in low level emotional cases?

Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective tool for personal development and positive psychology and change. Where no deeper underlying issue is present it is one of the methods of choice. Life coaching and counselling often help clients to formulate their own decisions and coping strategies while the problem is manageable.

If matters have become more complex, then CBT, MBCT, psychoanalysis and psychotherapy can assist in getting things back on track and clarifying the situation so that the client can regain self awareness, and self empowerment.

Complementary therapies such as meditation, mindfulness and relaxation can also be very useful with lower intensity cases.

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