Feline assisted therapy

Feline Assisted Therapy, Edinburgh

Part of therapy for many people is the challenge of having normal, loving and trusting relationships again, perhaps because of previous abuse or trauma, or perhaps because of neglect or developmental issues.

Part of therapy is therefore creating a positive and “normal” supportive relationship with the therapist. This can be boosted by having a pet or animal friend present.

Using a cat in counselling

Having a pet, such as a cat to play with, stroke and cuddle, or just to have a relationship with can often reduce tension, stress and help to create a positive healing environment.

Arranging for feline assisted therapy

Stuart has used cats in therapy for many years, and after a break has arranged a trial facility at the main offices in Edinburgh. This is a special service and has to be arranged in advance, usually on a Sunday.

Safely issues with feline therapy

The cats available are very friendly and domesticated. However clients must agree to indemnify the therapist against cat allergy, minor scratches or accidental injury (such as falling over a cat!).


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