We are not a crisis or emergency service. We can not be contacted out of hours and we can not provide the sort of support required for crisis care.

If you are in crisis:

  1. Contact the Samaritans HERE
  2. Contact your family and support network
  3. Contact your GP
  4. Please do consider using our service once the rest of these are done
  • Emergency NHS Lothians service HERE
  • Crisis Centre Edinburgh HERE

There are also often helplines associated with your employment (EAP Schemes) or Student Counselling Services through your University / Student Union

Other helplines exist online, we are unable to recommend or vouch for any in particular

  • Domestic Violence Helpline HERE
  • Immediate support by text message from “SHOUT” HERE

If we have to refer you from our service because of a breech in terms or conditions, payment terms, or because the service is no longer suitable for you then:

  • If you are in crisis use the above links
  • If you are not in crisis use the resource links below

Resource links:

The following are directories of therapists listed and indexed by private advertising directories. They are a a commonly used set of resources. We can not be held liable or responsible for any advertisers. Please check the credibility of advertisers yourself.

The Counselling Directory

The Psychotherapy Directory

The Hypnotherapy Directory

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