Trauma therapy, Psychoanalysis, Clinical Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, CBT, Mindfulness, Edinburgh

Specialist Trauma informed Therapy (Traumatology) & Neuro-diversity informed therapy. Edinburgh

Specialist support for

Complex Trauma, PTSD and Adverse Childhood Experience

Other related conditions also assisted including:
Anxiety, Depression, Personal Development
AngerGrief  & Attachment.

Celebrating 30 Years of Practice (Sept 1993 – Sept 2023)

The Therapy is provided by Stuart, a highly qualified specialist practitioner consultant, with post graduate and post qualification certification with support from Denise,  a regulated childcare practitioner and well qualified practitioner (18 years experience) who is also a certified specialist practitioner in Family Trauma.

We are operational, providing sessions in person & online


Why should you choose Stuart?
Although there are a great number of good therapists in the area, Stuart is a specialist consultant in Trauma, Anxiety, Anger, Grief and Depression.

No Offence to any newly qualified professionals or “counsellors”, but Stuart’s Specialist qualifications and certifications are presented and provided by the TOP EXPERTS in real practice NOW, based on RESEARCH EVIDENCE.
And are ONLY for people with
1. Existing relevant Post Graduate Qualifications (Masters +)
2. Full Clinical Licence to practice
3. Completing courses at 80% minimum score on final examination

Stuart is a Fellow of several leading Professional Bodies & Societies, the highest level of accreditation available.


Traumatology is provided in line with of NICE guidelines, the code of ethics of the AACPH & NACHP, and the standards and guidance of the APA (American Psychological Association),  Evergreen Certifications & the Arizona Trauma Institute, the latter two being specialised organisations for therapy specialists.
(There is currently no PSA AR for traumatology)

Stuart has met the standards for practice in component therapies that have PSA AR (Professional Standards Authority “right touch regulation” accredited registers) and is listed on the UKAHPP register for psychotherapeutic counselling, the CNHC register for hypnotherapy and the UKSPA  for behavioural analysis.

We do not provide any form of conversion therapy. We are an inclusive provider, and we will work with you over the therapy process to ensure we are the clinically appropriate service for your needs and that working with your needs will be within our competency, and match our service specialisms. 


Trying to find an area or topic? Start with the “specialist areas” and “quick links” sections below on this page!


Contacting Stuart

Stuart answers emails and SMS messages between client appointments on clinic days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Please do not expect to receive a reply outside of Office hours; Monday, Wednesday and Friday, although brief replies may be made if convenient at additional times.

Ours is a holistic and customised service, but built around evidence based methods and hard science. In particular neurology, Polyvagal Neurology and Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB). This complements traditional techniques with millennia of observational evidence such as Shamanism (over 50,000 years), Chinese Medicine (est 2500 BCE) Chinese Psychology (est 4500 BCE) and Ayurveda Medicine (est 6000 BCE). Stuart is a Certified Specialist in Mindfulness and Integrative (Naturopathy) Trauma Treatment with underpinning qualifications in Mindfulness, Martial Arts (Chi Gung) and Naturopathy, and specialist training in Somatic Mind Body self regulation for clinicians. 


Modern Western evidence from hard research at institutions including Oxford University (Centre of Mindfulness), Harvard University and peer reviewed publications help us to understand how traditional methods work and are scientifically understandable!


“Be More Cinnamon”

From early 2023 our Hypnotherapy registration moved to the  BAThH*, and our Complementary Health Professional registration moved from registration with the CMA, to the CTHA* and the IAOTH
(* CNHC PSA AR validation organisation –  part of the regulatory system)


(CTHA is a validation body for the CNHC PSA AR Scheme)

COVID-19 Precautions and links

Specialist areas.
(Post Graduate, Post Qualification, Specialist Training completed) include conditions called:

If you have any other issue, please do feel free email me, sometimes I have space for non specialist work.  

Specialist areas include:
(Certifications other than Trauma, Neuro-divergence & some specific therapy areas will no longer be renewed from 2023 in order to reduce unnecessary costs, and to help keep fees from further increases during the cost of living crisis. This does not effect standards since the same CPD is accepted for those as is assessed for the maintained certifications, and is assessed by the same organisations to the same standard. We are reducing expensive duplication)

  • PTSD and complex PTSD including post abuse (sexual, CSA, incest, psychological, disassociation, NEAD,  physical, neglect, domestic, discrimination including LGBT* / Kink related)
  • Grief, especially trauma related. (CGCS) & Advanced (CAGCS) Certifications completed (Post grad) but not renewed.
  • Personality Disorders (Using DBT and RO-DBT) Certified specialist DBT & Level 1 Certified RO-DBT.
  • Stress & anger management counselling and training
  • Personal development psychoanalysis
  • Anxiety (includes anxiety disorders, panic attacks, phobias, OCD). Stuart is a CCATP Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional Certification completed (Post grad) but not renewed.
  • Managing clinical mental health conditions with NICE recommended core therapies combined with other recognised psychological therapies, including long term depression and anxiety. (Stuart is post qualification competency trained in long term depression treatment with CBASP), and has successfully completed Certified Depression & Mood Disorder Treatment Professional (CDMDTP) training. 

Psychoanalyis from Scotlandtherapy


What cultural areas do you most commonly work with?

I (Stuart) am from a pretty mixed background, part Jewish, part Irish, part Scottish, part Welsh, with Persian and other heritage. I dislike any attempt to label humans. I am male, predominately straight, in a long term hetro relationship, I have been poly & kink,  and am a person of faith (Taoism).  I am also very much a scientist and holistic therapist, so I never impose views on another. I am male, and I have studied at degree and post graduate level in feminism and queer theory, personally I prefer intersectional theory.  Most of the time at least half of my clients are gay, bisexual or lesbian, and I support the LGB Charity. For 30 years I have worked with pretty much all groups, and at any one time have a wonderful mix of clients including LGB, queer and trans as well as a wide range of faith, ethnicity and nationality.  

I believe part of “rubbing together” as humans is learning to disagree with respect. I have personally studied multiculturalism, black politics, disability politics, feminism, Kink, gender issues, sexuality issues and a range of philosophies and faiths including Buddhism, Christianity, Paganism and Kabbalah. I often enjoy working with people with different views to me, and I enjoy learning from them. I do not tolerate hatred,  intransigent intolerance,  or identity politics driven intolerance of free speech. I have worked with multiple clients transitioning their gender. I also often work with clients who have both trauma (or other mental health diagnosis) and high functioning autism.  I am personally assessed with ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia. 

We have recently received some feedback in regard to wording on this website from a reader who felt that some of the descriptors were not inclusive and may have implied bias. This is highly regrettable, and action has been taken to remedy this as a matter of urgency. Scotlandtherapy Partners is an actively inclusive service and any implied bias was accidental and unintended! We are very sorry for any offence this clumsy wording may have accidentally caused, and hope that our rapid response has resolved any issues!




What areas do you NOT work on, or wish to work on?


I provide all enquiries with a matrix of competency so you can decide if my level of knowledge is what you feel you need for any specialist areas of identity. Although all are welcome, that does not mean I have the level of knowledge people might need for their individual issues, so this is discussed honestly and openly.

We do not provide any form of conversion therapy. We are an inclusive provider, and we will work with you over the therapy process to ensure we are the clinically appropriate service for your needs and that working with your needs will be within our competency, and match our service specialisms

Cultural References in the room

The Edinburgh practice room contains a variety of cultural and faith references in picture, material or artifact form. This is not cultural appropriation, it is to welcome clients from many diverse countries, cultures, faiths and backgrounds. Items are bought from mainly small craftspeople, including from original countries where possible, and post globalization this is our pragmatic approach. Most clients like having artifacts for them to identify with.

Quick Links for Psychotherapy in Edinburgh!

Normally: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Online and at our Edinburgh City Centre Clinic. During enhanced lockdown periods sessions may be online only.

Therapy Types

  • For Psychoanalysis, psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural, systems, linguistic, hypnoanalysis and mindfulness based: click HERE
  • For Hypnoanalysis aka analytical hypnotherapy (specialised psychoanalysis using conversational and trance hypnosis) HERE
  • For Philosophical Analysis, psychoanalysis using concepts from a range of philosophies, click HERE
  • For Mindfulness, MBCT, MBSR, Mindfulness tuition, mindful analysis and other variations: Click HERE
  • For Humanistic Psychotherapy and counselling, Click HERE
  • For Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and variations of CBT: Click HERE
  • For Counselling, including short term, non clinical, grief and integrative click HERE
  • For Couples Counselling, Mainly psychoanalytic and communication based Click HERE
  • For Hypnotherapy, including cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, Ericksonian and Hypno-analysis, click HERE
  • For Seated Massage and Acupressure, Click HERE

Main Conditions and topics

  • For Trauma (PTSD) and Complex Trauma (Complex PTSD) (Stuart is a Certified Trauma Specialist (CCTP I & II and CCTS-I), has a Post Graduate (level 7) Diploma in Clinical Complex Trauma Treatment, and is also certified in the use of Hypnosis, Neuroscience and mind/body approaches in Trauma treatment. He is also certified in nutritional and integrated medicine as a trauma informed holistic method (including in Naturopathy and Chi Gung). He is also a specialist in co-morbid Trauma with Autism Spectrum Disorder / ADD click HERE
  • For Stress management consultancy or Anger management (Stuart has specialist training in stress / anger management has completed Certification as an anger management specialist) select STRESS or ANGER
  • For attachment and relationship issues select attachment HERE
  • For anxiety management and treatment, including panic attacks, OCD, anxiety disorders and phobias (Stuart is a certified Anxiety Specialist)
  • For Personality Disorders (Using DBT and RO-DBT)
  • For Grief Counselling and other grief therapy click HERE.  Stuart is a (CGCS) & Advanced (CAGCS) certified Grief Specialist
  • For depression and long term depression (Stuart is a certified Depression and Mood disorder (CDMDTP) including bipolar specialist)
  • For LGBT* and BDSM also KINK, Non binary and similar,  click HERE
  • For Non Neuro Typical such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, Autism, ADHD (adults), Aspergers, Dyscalculia, and all variations and labels! Stuart is a Certified Clinical Professional with Attention Disorders (ADHD-CCSP) click HERE

    With all certifications, we normally maintain certification at the highest level achieved, for example where there are levels I and II, Level II would be maintained. This is why the lower levels “on the way” are not always visible on registers.

  • For all other issues, conditions and styles, please explore the menu options at the top of each page!
  • I (Stuart) also have my own practice page (this one is a partnership site) at

Scotlandtherapy are Quality Award winners

Who are the therapists?

Stuart is a full time practitioner, seeing clients in Edinburgh and Online. Denise is part time and in support (restricted availability by disability). Both therapists are fully insured, qualified and professionally registered and are listed on Professional Standards Authority Accredited Registers. PSA ARs are for healthcare practitioners not subject to statutory regulation. Denise primarily has a support role due to personal health issues and since she is pursuing a related career.

Our challenge: Operating a holistic and customised service, combining eastern and western philosophical learning, while basing our approach around research evidenced methods.


We are Integrative in nature and guided by Neurology and Integrative Psychotherapy combined: Major funding bodies including the National Institute of Mental Health, the NHS National Institute for Health Research, the Medical Research Council & the Wellcome trust are all are now looking at transdiagnostic models of classification and clinical treatment (including shared genotypic and phenotypic features: in other words looking at the genetic factors and overall person’s presentation, rather than single diagnostic labels)

Names: Stuart and Denise Morgan-Ayrs.
Clinic Locations listed on this site, not mailing addresses.
Status: Sole Practitioner Partnership, HMRC registered, ICO Registered.
In 2023 a second “trader” company is expected to be registered, separating clinical and non clinical provision.

Each therapist has a different skills blend of therapies and background. Both however are accredited psychotherapists and both have also worked in mental health support roles.

We are specialists in combining Eastern & Western Psychologies, Philosophies and Processes, and building them around
evidenced based practice.


As a therapist I (Stuart) have been through personal trauma myself and have personal as well as professional interest in a number of the specialities I work in. I am multi modal in nature, meaning I have graduate or post graduate training in a number of different models of therapy that can be used separately or in an integrated manner. I started my training as a specialist stress management consultant, and I am especially dedicated to western psychodynamic methods combined with eastern humanistic methods. I believe in using honesty with my clients (Disciplined Personal Involvement) while maintaining a safe environment, balancing analytic challenge, with unconditional positive regard. The goal is to be holistic and kind but clinically effective. I aim to help the client better manage the surface symptom / condition (such as stress / anxiety / depression) while addressing the deeper developmental causes in an analytic and holistic way. I qualified as a stress management consultant, analyst, clinical hypnotist and stress counsellor in 1996 after 3 years of intensive training and assessment on over 1,000 hours of practice, then completed clinical counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy accreditation with the NACHP over several additional years.

Competencies include:

    • Stress Management Consultant (ASM/IHP/NVQ) Graduate level
    • Anger Management Certified Specialist
    • Analyst (IHP) Psychodynamic, Cognitive behavioural, mindful, SSADM, systems, linguistic, philosophical, hypnosis based / Analytical Hypnotherapy. Graduate level
    • Psychotherapist, Psychoanalyst, Counsellor, Hypnotherapist (NACHP) Post Graduate
    • Psycho-education and Coaching (NVQ) Graduate level
    • Hypnotherapist (NACHP) Graduate level, & Post graduate
      Hypno-analysis / Analytical Hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural, sports, performance, Ericksonian.
    • Mindfulness Practitioner. MBSR, MBCT, Analytic, Holistic. Certified competent in ACT Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. CPD trained in a range of models and methods of using mindfulness in clinical Practice. Certified in Clinical Mindfulness. CMIP Certified Mindfulness Informed Professional.
    • Trauma. Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. CCTP Intensive Training Certification levels I and II. CCTS-I Certified Trauma Specialist (Individual).  Also certified in the use of Hypnosis, Neuroscience and mind/body approaches in Trauma treatment. Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Complex Trauma Treatment. Methods include Integrative (including naturopathy and movement based) and Somatic.
    • Anxiety. Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional. CCATP intensive training certification.
    • Nutritional and Integrative Psycho-Education. Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider (CMHIMP)
    • Long term depression. Competency certified in Cognitive Analysis Behavioural System of Psychotherapy (CBASP) for long term depression. Certified Depression & Mood Disorder Treatment Professional (CDMDTP)
    • Grief: Completed Specialist Grief treatment training (GCGS) & Advanced Grief Clinical Specialist (CAGCS)
    • Autism Spectrum Disorder & ADD co-morbid presentation with Trauma –  Clinical Certified Specialist.
  • Denise is a SSSC registered childcare practitioner, an NACHP registered clinical psychotherapist, a IAOTH registered therapist and a Certified Family Trauma Specialist.



Not all “badges” are being “renewed” since the qualifications have been completed, and the CPD renewal requirements overlap with those of the main focus of the business –  trauma and loss, therefore the badges would merely require additional charges for no other gain. As part of reducing overheads and preventing the need for further price rises, we have chosen to become more selective in regard to “badge” costs. We intend to focus on trauma and neurodivergence badges and a few specific therapy models, dropping the other badges for related areas (depression, anxiety, grief) which are all covered within trauma and loss.

Registered IAPT

Advanced Clinical Trauma Specialist


Certified Complex Trauma Professional

Mindfulness Informed Professional



Hypnosis Trauma Treatment

Anger Specialist

Attention Deficit Disorder Specialist

Anxiety Disorder Specialist

Mindfulness Coach


Our ethos in regard to style and medical labels, click HERE

Unless specifically stated otherwise, therapy work is provided under the primary ethical code and accreditation of the NACHP for both therapists. Stuart is qualified to work with adolescents and children and on occasion does so, under the registrations of NACHP.


Please note: WE DO NOT DO “QUICK FIX” work. We only engage in clinically appropriate therapy provision based around NICE / Research evidence based protocols.  If you request a therapy method that is not clinically appropriate and this is identified at the assessment, we will suggest a suitable alternative and give you a “cooling off” period to consider your options.

How to book in
  1. Have a look through this website.  Browse sections on conditions that are relevant to you. You can also view Stuart’s individual business site HERE
  2. Email for our free no obligation information files which will give you up top date availability, service, location and cost details.
  3. If you wish to proceed, complete the online assessment form that we will send you a link for, and make sure you have read the associated webpages on cancellation, what to expect,  and terms and conditions.  You can go ahead and do that now if you wish.
  4. Attend an assessment session, where a case history will be taken and appropriate treatment options discussed. This session needs to be paid for in advance when booked. (Normally sessions are paid on the day or within 48 hours afterwards by BACS / Paypal.) We will not provide inappropriate therapy methods.
  5. If you wish to continue with treatment, and if the assessment indicates Stuart is right for you, you can continue in therapy with Stuart.
  6. If you choose to continue, regular weekly or fortnightly attendance is required, you will be expected to honour your session fee whether or not you attend, and a cancellation policy applies for holidays and ending therapy.

To go ahead and ask for an information pack, EMAIL HERE

Not within reach of our base in Edinburgh?
We also offer online sessions and these can be supported by our Stress Management Work Book available from Amazon in kindle or hard copy  HERE

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Contact via the contact us page HERE



UKAHPP registered psychotherapeutic counsellor (ordinary member: humanistic therapy only)

Registered on the PSA AR held by the
UK Society of Behavioural Analysis


Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council: Hypnotherapy



CTHA, BAThH, NACHP  are all validation bodies
for the CNHC PSA AR

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