Therapy for people reporting Schizophrenia, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Glasgow, Dublin

There are a number of models in respect to this condition.  As a psychoanalyst I am not too interested in the diagnosis. Psychoanalysts work with the individual person and their experiences, not with a particular diagnosis.

I am interested in the person. To me as a therapist you are a person suffering from individual problems, you are not a “Schizophrenic”

Schizophrenia voices and people

In psychoanalysis the presentation of hearing voices is absolutely not your fault. It is not some nasty thing you deserve although the stigma attached to the condition sometimes makes people feel like that.

In psychoanalysis voices are  normal defense mechanism in extreme stress. We all have internal dialogue, and we all tend to internalize the voices of significant others.  Sometimes this can be extreme and frightening.

What helps Schizophrenia?

R.D.Laing, one of the most controversial yet influential therapists attacked the diagnosis.

We ALL have internal dialogue. I am trained and interested in eastern and western versions of this narrative.

I am ready to listen, and I accept splintering happens. I am also ready to hear your story unconditionally.

The Internal Voice, Schizophrenia therapy, Understanding this idea is the first part of moving on.

Maintaining medical supervision

Psychoanalysis works with the person, it does not diagnose or treat the condition. Therefore it is vital to maintain medical supervision when seeking additional support.

Severe incidents of psychosis and Schizophrenia are initially handled in primary care with the NHS. Afterwards Secondary care is about recovery and management. NICE recommend a number of methods including CBT and psycho-dynamic psychotherapy (psychoanalysis).

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