Recorded Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy recordings for clients in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Falkirk

Many hypnotherapy sessions are suitable for multiple listens, therefore it makes sense to record them as an MP3 file. Clients can then listen to their hypnosis session daily until a new one is provided increasing exposure and effectiveness.


Hypnotherapy recordings personalized

The majority of hypnotherapy recordings are the recordings of the live hypnotherapy session with the client, recorded using a small MP3 recording device and then provided to the client via the internet.


Pre-recorded hypnotherapy recordings

Some pre-recorded general purpose hypnotherapy recordings are kept for clients primarily having psychoanalysis as stress reduction tools, and for clients as an introduction to the basics of hypnosis before having their own customized session.


Hypnotherapy in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Falkirk

Clinical Hypnotherapy is available with Stuart in Edinburgh, Falkirk and Glasgow clinics. Denise also uses hypnotherapy in specific cases for stress reduction and combined with energy healing.

Qualifications and regulation of hypnotherapy

Since 2011 hypnotherapy has been subject to voluntary regulation from the CNHC, the voluntary regulator for complementary therapies set up with UK Government support and funding, which is also an AR. Accredited  Registers are maintained by the Professional Standards Agency for healthcare practitioners not subject to statutory regulation. CNHC / AR listing means the practitioner has met strict standards of training, insurance, CPD, supervision and professional registration. Both practitioners are CNHC registered.

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